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Dogs and Halloween, The Frightening Truth

Is your dog more scaredy-cat than hellhound? While the spookiest night of the year may be fun for us, it’s not so for many of our dogs. Not only do some dogs find all the noise, strangely dressed visitors and extra activity confusing and stressful. But others dangers are lurking in the dark shadows of […]

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Dogs and summer, Cool Solutions for Hot Dogs

When temperatures start to rise it’s a great opportunity for us to get outside, soak up some sun and enjoy the warm weather. But it’s also the time when we have to pay particular attention to our dogs. What’s the big deal about dogs and hot weather?  Well, unlike humans dogs have trouble keeping themselves […]

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Why do dogs have whiskers? – The hair raising facts

Most dogs have whiskers. Although depending on the breed they are more noticeable on some dogs than others. If you’ve ever looked at your dog, you would have noticed whiskers sprouting from the muzzle, over the eyes, under the chin and even on the upper lip. They vary in density and length from dog to […]

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Soothing Kennel Cough

It can be really distressing when our dogs aren’t well. As our dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong, we often have to rely on identifying symptoms to gain an insight into what’s going on. However, kennel cough is something that is relatively easy to recognise. Categorised by a hacking cough that sounds like your dog […]

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How do dogs get mange? Keep a lookout for this painful pest

Mange is a disease that affects a dog’s skin. Caused by microscopic mites that live on or in the skin it causes itching and mild to severe skin infections. Despite there being over forty-eight thousand different species of mites, including ear mites  and seasonal harvest mites. The two most common causes of mange in dogs […]

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Dog massage, the relaxing way to bond with your dog

No matter how devoted you are to your dog, you may feel that giving your furry friend a dog massage is taking it a bit too far. However, there are many benefits of giving your dog a relaxing massage. From spotting potential health risks to calming a nervous dog, massage not only provides a powerful […]

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Can dogs have asthma? All you need to know

Yes,  dogs can have asthma. Although asthma is less common in dogs than in either cats or humans. Nevertheless, dogs can develop breathing difficulties and exhibit asthmatic symptoms. In most cases though, dog asthma or allergic bronchitis as it’s also known is an allergic reaction to something in our dog’s environment. What causes asthma in […]

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The simple telltale signs of a happy dog

If you share your life with a dog, you may already know how to tell if a dog is happy or not. A wagging tail, a willingness to play and a dog that is eager for walks are all signs of a happy dog. But what if your dog isn’t an enthusiastic wagger? What if […]

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Stress highlights, at what age do dogs go grey?

What age do dogs go grey? It depends, some dogs never go grey while others start to develop a grey muzzle as early as two years old. Just like us, greying varies significantly in dogs. On average though you can expect to see some grey hairs on your dog at around five years old. However […]

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