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Best dog bike trailer

If you love getting out on your bike but feel bad about leaving your dog at home, investing in a dog bike trailer could be the perfect solution.

In an ideal world, it would be great to have your dog run alongside you on leash as you cycle. But many dogs aren’t bike savvy and will think nothing of pulling to one side or even running across the front of the bike. In short, the combinations of dog, bike, leash and speed are an accident waiting to happen.

Even if your dog can be let off-leash, you still may have to travel some distance before you get to a safe place to let them free. That’s where dog bike trailers come in handy. Our favourite is the Aosom Elite II as it offers versatility and quality for the investment.

Why use a Dog Bike Trailer?

Apart from making cycling safer for both you and your dog, there are other benefits of using a dog bike trailer.

Not only does it mean that both of you can take longer journeys together but it also means that dogs that would otherwise not be able to keep up can come too.

So here are some of the benefits;

  • Perfect for growing puppies as they can come with you but not overdo exercise
  • Ideal for older dogs who may not have the physical stamina to keep up
  • Great for short-nose breeds as they can enjoy the ride even on warm days
  • Dogs recovering from illness or surgery still get to enjoy the fresh air
  • You get to explore for longer without having to get back for your dog

What to Look for in the Best Dog Bike Trailer

As your dog will be travelling behind you where you can’t see what’s going on, safety must be the number one priority.

If you’ve never used a bike trailer before it’s worth hitching it up and going out for a few rides without your dog to get used to it. Although most trailers are easy to pull even when you dog is loaded, cornering often needs practice.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following best dog bike trailers:

But to help you choose, here are the main things to look out for when picking the best dog bike trailer;

Safety – A wide wheel base, secure bike connection, internal leash connectors and supportive flooring all ensure a comfortable and safe ride for both you and your dog. What’s more safety reflectors and flags go a long way to make your dog visible to other road users.

The Hitch – The hitch is the mechanism that connects the trailer to your bike. Some trailers offer secondary straps for additional security and you’ll want to make sure that the trailer is easy to hook up. Hitch height is particularly important as it can make the difference between a level trailer or a sloping trailer.

Size and capacity – Always check the internal dimensions of a trailer. Ideally you want your dog to be able to sit up and lie down if they want to. Perhaps even more important though is to check the weight limit of the trailer. Keeping to the recommended weight will keep your dog safe.

Construction – Choose a sturdy frame and durable material and your trailer will last a lifetime

Weather Protection – Unless you’re a fair-weather cyclist you’ll want to consider how weather-proof your choice of dog bike trailer is. Also keep in mind that your dog will be in an enclosed space in warm weather so does the trailer have adequate ventilation?

Portability and usage – Many dog bike trailers can be folded for easy transportation. Not only that but some models double up as strollers or joggers too. If you’re looking for a versatile trailer keep in mind the primary function that you’re buying it for.

Upkeep – How easy is it to clean the bike trailer? After many hours on the road the last thing you want to do is to spend time cleaning. Easy care materials make it easy to keep your trailer in good shape.

We’ve rounded up what we think are the best dog bike trailers based on the above criteria. While they all have their pros and cons we think that the Aosom Elite II offers the best versatility and quality for the investment.

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer, For Small and Large Dogs, Small, Orange
  • This a perfect and safer way to take your fuzzy friend with you for a bike ride
  • Coupler easily attaches to almost any bicycle for added versatility. Rim Material Aluminum, Air filled tires inflate with standard bicycle wheel pump
  • Internal leash is adjustable so pets from leaping out of the trailer, holds one Pet up to 50 lbs. Plenty of air ventilation. Safety flag is included

Schwinn have been making cycles for over one hundred years so it’s no surprise that they they’ve used their extensive experience to develop trailers too.

The Schwinn dog trailer is sturdy with a good wide wheel base. It includes an internal leash that’s adjustable to keep your dog secure and a safety flag and rear reflector to ensure other road users give you some space.

Your dog has plenty of ventilation with a doggy door at the back, side windows and a bug and weather protection sunroof which can be unzipped and rolled back to give your dog the ultimate sight-seeing experience.

Inside there’s a non-slip and removable inner liner which makes it easy to clean and there’s enough room to add a dog bed or extra padding to make your dog even more comfortable.

The unique folding frame and quick release wheels means that you can fold the trailer down for easy storage and the universal coupler means that it will connect to most cycles.


  • Suitable for dogs up to fifty pounds
  • Easy to assemble and connect
  • Can be folded for easy storage


  • No shock absorbers so can be a bumpy ride for your dog
  • Strong smell – needs a few hours to air before you put your dog in it
  • Fabric is thin, it won’t withstand dogs that dig or chew

PetSafe Bicycle Trailer, Large, Aluminum,Blue
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM: A light, durable aluminum constructed frame lets you easily go for bike rides with your best friend in tow
  • A RIDE WITH A VIEW: Let your pet enjoy the view while looking out the back, front and side ventilated windows while give them shade from the sun
  • SAFE AND SECURE: A safety tether inside the trailer attaches to your furry friend’s harness to keep them safe when hitting the trails; weather-resistant trailer has reflectors for added visibility

The Solvit Hound About comes in two sizes which is ideal if you have a larger dog. With a maximum weight capacity of one hundred and ten pounds it means that even the biggest of dogs can enjoy a ride-a-long.

With a light rust-proof aluminium frame that folds down for easy storage, it has a wide wheel base and low centre of gravity that makes it nice and stable.

There’s plenty of ventilation provided by a front door with both a mesh screen and waterproof layer as well as a rear door with mesh screen and a generous sunroof.

To keep your dog comfortable the Hound About includes a removeable and washable cushion and an internal adjustable leash to keep them safe. Although it doesn’t come with a safety flag you do get two reflectors included to help make you more visible to other road users.

If you’re looking for a combined bike trailer/stroller you can get a conversion kit for the Hound About at an additional cost which makes it a good investment for an aging dog.


  • Stable and comfortable
  • Side pockets are a nice addition
  • Convertible to a stroller at additional cost


  • Base of the trailer isn’t sturdy, so you may need to add extra support
  • No shock absorbers so bumpy on uneven ground
  • The internal cushion isn’t secured in any way so shifts around
  • No safety flag

Rage Powersports Red Pull-Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer Pet Carrier
    • Front and rear access doors with mesh windows for optimal airflow and visibilityUniversal hitch attachment fits most 24" to 28" bikes(2) 20" Pneumatic wheels work great on pavement, sidewalks,...

This bike trailer from Rage Powersports really does fold down almost flat (without wheels) so if storage is an issue this is the trailer to choose.

There’s a front and back entrance to allow your dog easy access. And there’s plenty of ventilation and protection with mesh windows and clear plastic roll-down window covers.

It holds an impressive eighty-five pounds of weight ideal for larger dogs and comes with safety flag and rear reflectors. Made from a sturdy steel tube support frame and a water-resistant nylon fabric it’s perfect for all-weather cyclists and their dogs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Plenty of ventilation


  • Needs to be well aired before use
  • Despite the 88lb weight limit you may want to reinforce the bottom for heavier dogs

Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller with Suspension and Storage Pockets, White
  • ✅2-IN-1 DESIGN: Can be used as a jogging stroller that you push as you run, or it can be attached to your bike as a bike trailer for a cycling adventure.
  • ✅WEATHER PROTECTION: Oxford fabric build on steel construction equipped with a weather shield that’s water- and sun- resistant to provide shade that protects your pets from sun and rain.
  • ✅EASY ENTRY AND GOOD VENTILATION: Your pet can easily enter through the zippered front/back door, and stick their head out to enjoy the breeze through the roomy sunroof. A D-ring and safety leash...

If you’re looking for a 2 in 1 option, the Aosom Elite II is a great choice. This bike trailer can be converted in seconds to a stroller with swivel wheel or jogger with fixed wheel.

It comes with adjustable handlebars, safety flag, internal leash plus suspension in the back wheels making it a safe and comfortable ride for your dog.

There’s plenty of ventilation as well and three entrances which makes getting your dog in and out a breeze. A separate rain guard on the front door protects your dog from the elements while the mesh underneath allows for maximum airflow and visibility.

The Aosom Elite handles weight up to eighty-eight pounds so it’s capable of carrying large dogs in its sturdy stainless-steel frame. Versatile, foldable with comfort built in there’s a lot to like about this model.


  • Convertible to stroller and jogger
  • Suspension which makes it more comfortable for your dog
  • Storage pockets are a nice touch
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Hand-brake
  • Foldable


  • Flooring is flimsy, so you may need additional support
  • It needs to be supported when your dog gets in and out as it easily tips back
  • Assembly instructions need some interpretation and patience

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer, Red, w/Hitch, Suspension, Safety Flag, and Reflectors
  • KEEPS PETS SAFE: Fabric window serves as a bug-screen to keep insects out, and a removable cushion keeps your pet comfortable during the ride
  • EASY BRAKE SYSTEM: Keep your pet trailer in place with a convenient, built-in hand-lock brake system
  • HITCH TO A BIKE: Stroll down the beach or around the neighborhood with your pet, as a hitch is included to attach the stroller to a bicycle

Our second choice of a 2 in 1 bike trailer and stroller is from Best Choice. Like the Aosom the front wheel can be used in a fixed position for jogging or a swivel position for strolling and then tucked away when using a bike.

The trailer has with three openings, front, back and top allowing plenty of ventilation as well as easy access for your dog. It comes with a bug screen and is weather resistant and has a hand brake for extra stability when stopped.

What’s more it comes with a safety flag and reflectors to let other road users know you’re there and an internal leash to keep your dog secure.

Holding up to sixty-six pounds it comes with a removeable cushion and folds down for easy storage.


  • Doubles up as a stroller
  • Plenty of room even for larger dogs
  • Side pockets are a nice addition
  • Suspension means a smooth ride for your dog


  • It’s large – make sure you measure carefully
  • The unit tips back when used as a stroller but OK when used as a bike trailer
  • No locking mechanism for the brake you have to hold it on
  • The instructions are poor

Best Dog Bike Trailer

Once you’ve decided to invest in a bike trailer for your dog, remember to take time to get your dog used to it before you take them for a ride.

While some dogs will adapt well to riding in a trailer, others need a bit more time and patience. And it’s not only your dog that needs to get used to their new mode of transport. If it’s your first time using a trailer hook it up and take it out for a spin before loading your dog.

Not only are you going to be pulling extra weight, but you’ll need to adapt your speed and cornering technique to keep the trailer stable. Our top choice is the Aosom Elite II as it offers both versatility and quality for the investment.

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