Best dog blow dryer: Our top 5

Best dog blow dryer

If you think investing in a dog blow dryer is a bit over-the-top, it’s time to think again. Not only do dog dryers protect your dog’s skin from unnecessary heat they are also much more powerful than a standard hair dryer.

The majority of dog hair dryers blast water from your dog’s fur rather than using heat to evaporate it. This means that the drying time is much faster, and it minimizes irritation of your dog’s sensitive skin. What’s more, if you have a double-coated breed, a good dog dryer will get rid of that dense undercoat for you and reduce shedding.

Our top choice for the best dog blow dryer is the No products found. but for more options, read on.

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog blow dryers:

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Why do I need a dog hair dryer?

Let’s face it, the smell of wet dogs is unpleasant. No matter how well you towel dry your dog, it’s never enough. Leaving your dog’s fur damp after a rain-filled walk or a bath is not only uncomfortable for your dog but means lots of wet towels, floors, and sometimes even furniture.

If you live in an area of high rainfall, as I do, it’s sometimes impossible to dry your dog thoroughly between walks without the extra help of a pet dryer. However, using human hair dryers on a dog isn’t a good idea. Not only do our hair dryers not have enough power to dry a dog’s coat properly, but they are also usually much too hot.

Dog’s have sensitive skin, and the top heat of a standard hair dryer can irritate them. What’s more, the best dog dryers are typically quieter than their human counterparts which is a huge plus point for nervous dogs.

How to choose the best dog blow dryer

If you want to dry your dog thoroughly, a dog dryer is a solid investment. There are three main styles of dog dryers, and the best one for you depends to a great extent on your dog’s coat;

  • Stand or fluff dryers
  • Cage and cabinet dryers
  • Forced air or blaster dryers

Stand dryers

As the name suggests, stand dog dryers are fixed to a movable stand with a directional arm easy to adjust, allowing hands-free drying. These dog dryers are typically low noise, so they are particularly suitable for nervous dogs who react to loud noises.

Stand dryers enable you to brush your dog while you dry their coat which helps prevent mats. Some versions have hose and nozzle attachments allowing more accurate airflow.

Cage and cabinet dryers

Cabinet and cage dryers share a similar way of working with each other. Cabinet dryers are more common in professional dog groomers, and cage dryers are more common for at-home grooming.

Cabinet dog dryers enclose your dog in a specialized cabinet that usually has a see-through front so that you can view your dog as they dry. Cage dryers are an at-home option and attach to your dog’s crate. These low-pressure dryers dry your dog as they remain confined in one space.

These dog dryers typically come with a timer, multiple heat settings, and variable speed control, so your dog remains safe as they dry. However, as the airflow is much more gentle than other dryers, it does take longer for your dog’s coat to dry. They are perfect for short-haired, single-coat dogs like Boston Terriers who need minimal drying time.

Blast dryer or Force dryer

Force dryers are powerful high-velocity dog dryers. They work by blasting water from your dog’s coat at high speed. They rely on the motor to warm up the air as it dries rather than using a separate heating element.

Not only do blast dryers get rid of excess water from a wet dog, but they are great at getting rid of loose hair, which is perfect for dogs with thick or double coats as they can save a lot of time.

What to look for in the best dog dryers

Your dog’s coat type will inform at least part of your decision. A cage dryer is just not going to dry a large double-coated dog like a husky in a timely way, whereas a force pet dryer is unlikely to be suitable for a chihuahua.

However, there are some other considerations to think about too;

Air flow

Air flow is important as it indicates how strong the dog dryer is. A measurement of cubic feet per minute or CFM or cubic meters per second (CMS) determines the speed at which a dog blow dryer pushes out air. The higher the number, the more powerful the dog dryer.

Speed settings

Look for a dog blow dryer with adjustable speed settings. Most have at least two speeds, although some have three. Having a choice of speed helps to dry your dog’s coat quickly and gives you the flexibility to add final styling touches and tackle different coat lengths.


While many dogs couldn’t care less about noisy appliances like vacuums and hairdryers, there are just as many who find them terrifying.

For your dog to have a good experience, opt for a quiet model of dog dryer. While it’s unrealistic to expect an utterly silent hair dryer, manufacturers work hard to create units that muffle the noise as much as possible.

Heat settings

Hotter isn’t necessarily better. Our dogs have such sensitive skin that it easily burns. Intense heat can cause irritation, sore spots, and dry the skin. Rather than relying on variable heat settings, a better option is to look for higher cubic feet per minute as it minimizes drying time and your dog’s exposure to heat.


You’ll need to clean your pet hair dryer to keep it in good shape. So, how easy is it to clean the air filters? Can you get spare parts, and how affordable are they?


If you’re looking for a unit to use at home, where will you store it? Opt for a compact dryer if space is at a premium.

Best dog blow dryers our top 5

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The Air Force Quick Draw is a powerful but compact unit. Weighing in at just over three pounds, it’s light enough to take with you wherever you go. For such a small hand-held unit, it packs an impressive eight CFS.

The unit itself is made from steel and can be mounted if using a grooming table. It also comes with a handy shoulder strap, air concentrator nozzle, air flare tool, and a flexible six-foot-long stretch hose.

The motor warms the air, ensuring that your dog experiences gentle heat and protects its skin. This dryer for dogs is perfect for small dogs or large dogs with short coats; it reduces drying time half but isn’t powerful enough for


  • Portable, powerful and lightweight
  • The six-foot stretch hose allows you to keep the unit a comfortable distance away from your dog to minimize noise.
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • The motor generates the hot air meaning it’s gentle and warm


  • Big dogs and dense coats need a more powerful unit
  • If using it as a hand-held unit, it feels heavy despite its small size
  • The pointed attachment makes a high-pitched whine which is not good for nervous dogs.

No products found.

This blast dryer from Shelandy offers flexibility on speed as well as temperature. With two heat settings allowing you to switch the unit from cold to warm air, it protects your dog from extreme temperatures.

What’s more, the airflow on this dog hair dryer is adjustable too. From a mighty 135MPH to a moderate 56MPH, the adjustable airflow is ideal if you are a multi-pet household.

The manufacturer has worked hard to reduce noise by using a four-layer noise reduction system which goes a long way to help noise-sensitive dogs. It comes with four grooming tools and a sixty-five-inch spring hose. The unit itself is plastic with metal trimmings and is lightweight, thanks to its plastic body.


  • Reasonably quiet (think vacuum cleaner) unit, which is excellent for nervous dogs
  • The adjustable settings are a real bonus. Both heat and airspeed can be tailored to suit your dog.
  • Rugged but lightweight


  • Reliability issues, the on/off switch wears out quickly
  • The plastic housing isn’t robust and is liable to cracks
  • Good as a dog dryer but not powerful enough to blow out a dog’s dense undercoat

No products found.

Our third choice of blast dryer comes from Flying Pig Grooming. The flying one high-velocity dog dryer is powerful enough for even professional groomers. Temperature settings are variable at none, low, and high, as is the variable air speed, low to high. What’s more, this pet hair dryer has a punchy motor, making drying your wet dog in a hurry a breeze.

Not only that, but this dog hair dryer from Flying Pig Grooming comes with a ten-foot hose and two different nozzles. The body is stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean.


  • Light enough to be portable
  • The adjustable temperature is great for different types of dog
  • Sturdy construction means it doesn’t fall over or move around when in use


  • The hose tends to pop off, which can be irritating.
  • The glue that holds the hose clips in place leaks and creates a mess

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If you’re looking for a real work-horse of a dog dryer, this unit from Metro Force could be perfect. A robust all-steel body and commercial strength flexible hose mean that this unit should last a lifetime and is suitable for professional groomers and dog owners. It’s powerful, fast, and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Airforce Master Blaster’s power comes from two separate motors that push out air at an impressive twenty-eight CMS. Not only that, but the airflow settings mean that you can use the front and rear engines separately or both motors combined for maximum power.

What’s more, the temperature can be adjusted to three different levels, giving you great flexibility when drying your dog.


  • Powerful enough for a professional dog grooming
  • Two-motor construction makes it extra-powerful
  • Adjustable settings give your dog time to get used to it and give you flexibility when drying your dog.


  • Although the hose is a commercial strength, it’s not very flexible, making it harder to maneuver.
  • It’s oud but should be expected from a two-motor model
  • It only comes with one nozzle

No products found.

There’s a lot to like about the XPOWER Cage Dryer. The unit is lightweight, quiet, and durable. It has three adjustable speeds and a convenient three-hour timer.

The XPOWER cage dryer produces heat-free high air volume and comes with three eight-foot hoses, each of which has four drying positions for maximum flexibility, you can concentrate all three hoses on one dog or use them individually in a multi-dog household.


  • Very quiet, if a blast dryer scares your dog, this cage dryer is a good alternative
  • Heatless, so completely safe for your dog’s skin
  • The adjustable speeds and three-hour timer are great additions and add flexibility.


  • This air dryer is awkward to store as it’s quite large
  • It is best used for short, single coats if used at home as it takes a long time to dry.
  • The cage attachment clips are flimsy and don’t hold the hoses securely

Best dog blow dryer conclusion

Overall we’ve chosen the No products found. as the best dog hair dryer. While it’s not exactly budget-friendly, it’s a good investment ad it is well constructed and powerful enough for all types of dogs.

Not only that, but the adjustable settings mean that you can use it on both large and small dogs, negating the need for different units in multi-dog households. Its all-steel body will last a lifetime, and its commercial-grade hose is robust if a bit inflexible. For such a compact unit, it punches above its weight regarding performance.

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