Best dog coffee table books – top choices

Best Dog Coffee Table Books

There’s something about a great coffee table book. They’re entertaining, thought-provoking, and sometimes even bring a tear to the eye. Combine the natural attraction of a big shiny book and photographs of dogs, and you’re bound to have a page-turner.

Here are our top choices of the best dog coffee table books. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for dog-loving friends or want to provide some in-house entertainment for visitors coffee table books are a fantastic accessory for any home. . Each book is a stunning hardcover and would be an ideal present for dog lovers or people that love fantastic photography.

The Dogist

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The Dogist is full of beautifully captured portraits of dogs. Photographed by Elias Weiss Friedman, it shows the character of each dog in the best and worst moments of their lives.

With chapters ranging from puppies to dogs wearing a cone of shame, it has something for everyone. Not only is it touching and funny, but it shows man’s best friend at their most endearing-when they are just being dogs.

Underwater Dogs

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If you want something a little different, then this book is for you. Underwater dogs provide beautiful and fun photography of our canine companions in over eighty watery portraits.

Each photograph from award-winning photographer Seth Casteel shows the individual and sometimes surprising swimming style of each dog. Funny and touching, it offers dog lovers a seldom-seen view of different breeds of dogs’ enthusiasm when submerged.

Peanut Butter Dogs

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There’s nothing better than watching a dog enjoy a tasty treat. Unless it’s getting the perfect picture of a dog enjoying a tasty treat. Peanut butter dogs is a hugely enjoyable coffee table book.

It’s a photographic collection of more than 140 dogs sharing their bliss as they slurp on their favorite indulgence. With beautiful images from award-winning photographer Greg Murray, it’s sure to bring a smile to the face of any dog lover.


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Absolutely stunning photography accompanied by information about the dog breeds caught on camera. Featuring some of the most exotic dogs including the Afgan Hound, Chinese crested, and Hungarian Komondors, this gorgeous book also captures the charm of both rescue and working canines.

Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs

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Anyone that has had the pleasure of sharing their life with an older dog will appreciate the beautiful photographs in this coffee table book.

Featuring over sixty black and white pictures captured by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Michael S Williamson. This book shows both the charm and dignity of older dogs.

Zen Dogs

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Zen dogs capture dogs at their most serene. Award-winning photographer Alex Cearns shares eighty color pictures of dogs just enjoying the moment.

Peppered with words of wisdom from spiritual masters like Buddha and Gandhi, flicking through the photos of the book is a perfect way to enjoy a Zen moment of your own.

Wet Dog

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Wet dog is a touching and funny book of pictures of dogs at bath time. Perfectly capturing the many expressions of dogs that don’t want to do something. Sophie Gamand offers us an insight into the way that dogs express themselves without words.

Best dog coffee table books

Whether you’ll look to add to your collection of dog books or think of gifting a coffee table book to a friend, all of these books contain more than just beautiful photos. Each photo captures a moment, some beautiful and some fun.

With images ranging from puppies to elderly dogs, these coffee table books are perfect for dog lovers of any age. While some are laugh out loud, funny others tell poignant stories. But all are full of stunning photos that offer a new perspective on our canine companions.

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