Best elevated dog beds: 5 of the best

Best elevated dog beds

Elevated dog beds have been around for a long time but are still less common than their plush dog bed counterparts. However, raising your dog off the ground can have huge benefits, not only for your dog but for you too.

The majority of raised beds look more like a cot than a bed. Durable materials are the norm which makes them a smart choice for dogs that like to chew.

Our top choice is the Kuranda dog bed for all-around durability, but for more options read on.

Benefits of an elevated dog bed

Elevated dog beds are versatile and easy to keep clean. Not only that but they are portable so can be taken outside on a beautiful day to provide your dog someone cool to snooze.

In fact, keeping your dog off the ground has other advantages too;

  • Temperature control

An elevated dog bed can help protect your dog from getting too hot or cold. The raised platform allows air to freely circulate keeping your dog cool while also keeping it away from cold surfaces and draughts.

  • Easy access

Raised dog beds are comfortable and easier to get in out of especially for dogs with mobility issues or joint problems.

  • Protects your dog from pests

Having a raised dog bed also helps keep your dog away from creepy crawlies, damp, mold, mildew, and fungus.

  • Durable

If your dog chews everything in sight, an elevated bed stands a good chance of remaining in one piece. Made from durable materials that your dog is less likely to nibble on they can be a massive boon to owners who are fed up replacing beds for their chewy dogs. Alternatively check out our guide to indestructible dog beds for more options.

  • Easy to clean

It might seem like a small benefit, but for anyone that suffers from allergies having a bed that doesn’t collect fur is a real plus point. Hair and dander merely brush off, so there’s no need to wash dirty or hairy covers.

If the above benefits have convinced you to try an elevated dog bed, how do you choose the best one for your dog?

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following elevated dog beds

What to consider when buying an elevated dog bed

Elevated dog beds need to be sturdy. Suspending your dog above the floor means that both the frame and sleeping area need to be able to hold your dog’s weight with ease.

Keep in mind the following, and you’ll be in good shape to make an informed choice;

  • Size and height

Getting the right size in an elevated bed is probably the most important consideration. Your dog should be able to use the bed, curled up or stretched out without any limbs hanging off the side as it could put undue pressure on their bones and joints.

The height is also vital to get right. Your dog should be able to step on and off with ease. If they need to jump on the bed, then it’s too high.

  • Frames

Look for lightweight but durable materials like aluminum. If you want to use the bed both inside and outside, you’ll also need to make sure that the frame is rust proof or weather resistant. Not only that but metal frames will offer the best defense against mildew and mold.

It’s also worth looking at the base of the legs. Durable non-slip feet will not only prevent the bed from skidding as your dog gets on and off, but they will protect your floors too.

  • Sleeping area

The material that provides your dog with their sleeping area is especially important. While many elevated dog beds have mesh support, you can get raised beds with cushions too. This area needs to be strong enough to support your dog comfortably.

Keep in mind the additional pressure that the corners of the bed will bear so reinforced material here is a plus point.

With all that in mind, here are our top choices for the best-elevated dog beds.

Kuranda All-Aluminum (Silver) Chewproof Dog Bed - Small (30x20) - 40 oz. Vinyl - Smoke
  • Patented, CHEWPROOF HIGH STRENGTH, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame supports up to 250lbs.
  • Elevated/Raised orthopedic design to keep your dog dry, cool, and comfortable indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to Clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning.

Not only is this elevated dog bed from Kuranda chew proof, but its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for even the largest dog. Available in six sizes to cater for most dog breeds its aircraft grade aluminum frame makes it extremely strong yet lightweight.

The sleeping area is solid vinyl making it very easy to clean. What’s more, the material, which is available in four color options goes all the way into the corners, so there are no tempting edges for your dog to nibble.


  • Supportive and durable
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight, strong, chew proof and won’t rust
  • Perfect for larger dogs as the bed will support up to two hundred and fifty pounds


  • The bolts provided for assembly aren’t that long, so for extra security, you may want to use your own
  • The material for the sleeping area is solid so doesn’t provide as much breathability as some other elevated beds
  • It could be too hard for dogs with mobility issues. The material, while supportive doesn’t have much give.
HDP Elevated Padded Napper Cot Space Saver Pet Bed Color:Black Size:Large
  • Heavy-duty water resistant polyester oxford
  • Powder coated, rust-resistant frame
  • Protects pets from uncomfortable cold, hot, damp, and uneven surfaces

This space-saving cot is perfect for dogs that prefer to snooze curled up. The frame is sturdy, rust-resistant steel while the sleeping area is heavy-duty polyester oxford. Not only is it water resistant and is UV-resistant, but also it’s well padded providing a comfortable but cool place for your dog to sleep.

Ideal for smaller dogs as the bed is low; it still has enough clearance to keep your dog off the floor. It folds up easily and comes with its own carry bag which makes it the perfect bed for traveling. What’s more, it’s available in four colors and two sizes


  • Low to the ground making it suitable for even the smallest of dogs
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Highly portable. It’s easy to fold and comes with a carry bag


  • Only ideal for dogs up to forty pounds
  • Although perfect for dogs that like to curl up – it does restrict your dog’s ability to stretch out.
  • The material does stretch, and as the bed is so low it means that heavier dogs will eventually touch the floor
Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed, Large, Brunswick Green
  • Off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed, keeping your pet cool (Elevates pets more than 7 in. off the ground)
  • Suspended platform provides added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints (Offers almost 9 Sq. Ft. of bed space)
  • Fabric is made out of a breathable high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that helps eliminate hot spots

Available in small, medium and large this elevated bed from Coolaroo is supportive, flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant as well as being easy to wash and maintain.

The frame is powder-coated steel making it sturdy yet portable. So, your dog can enjoy both indoor and outdoor use. The material is breathable and UV and fade resistant which means it will keep your dog cool even on the warmest of days. Not only that, but it’s available in four colors.


  • Replacement cover available
  • The material is light and airy which is perfect when the weather is warm
  • There’s enough stretch in the material for the bed to be supportive yet comfortable.


  • Assembly is a bit of a pain. Bolts and holes don’t line up very well
  • The material tears easily so if your dog likes to dig before they lay down it won’t last long
  • The frame becomes twisted and loose and needs regular adjustments as your dog uses it
K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed with Removable Bolsters - Chocolate/Black Mesh, Large 30 X 42 X 7 Inches
  • Dog cot made of waterproof, heavy-denier fabric with fluffy plush bolster for ultimate pet comfort and security
  • Raised dog bed helps pets stay cool with its mesh center
  • Durable & tested for strength, holds up to 200 pounds

This elevated dog bed from K&H offers a little bit more. If you like the idea of a flat bed with a bit more support, then this bolster design is perfect. The bolster cushion runs three-quarters of the way around the bed ensuring your dog stays put as they sleep. Not only that but for dogs that like a headrest while they snooze, it’s ideal.

Available in three sizes the frame of the bed is PVC pipe while the sleeping area is a mix of solid and meshed six-hundred denier nylon fabric. It’s waterproof, bacteria, mold, and mildew resistant offering a supportive and hygienic place for your dog to sleep.


  • The bolster cushion offers excellent support and added security for dogs that move around a lot as they sleep
  • There’s good air-flow provided by the mesh fabric in the center of the bed.
  • For an additional cost, you can get a canopy for the top to provide additional shading


  • The seams that join the center mesh panel to the solid outer panels rip
  • The material is not fade-resistant so if you do use it outside don’t expect it to keep its rich brown color.
  • It’s supportive, but the material does sag over time
Enchanted Home Pet Panache Sofa
  • 2” legs lift bed off floor, keeping your pet draft free
  • Removable/washable cushion cover
  • Fits pets up to 60 lbs

If you’re looking for an elevated bed that will keep your dog warm rather than cool, this bed is perfect. Not only does it provide a soft and supportive place for your dog to sleep. But the two-inch legs mean that your dog is raised off the floor and away from draughts.

The couch-shape design of this bed means that it supports your dog well. And it provides plenty of pillow space for dogs that like to rest their heads on something while they snooze. What’s more, the cover is removable for easy cleaning and


  • Cozy alternative to more traditional elevated dog beds
  • Well-padded and comfortable
  • The elevation and bolster cushions keep draughts at bay


  • Not suitable for dogs that chew
  • The pillow is almost over-stuffed and becomes lumpy with use
  • Only ideal for dogs up to fifty pounds.

Best elevated dog bed conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a raised bed to keep your dog cool or warm, there’s something suitable. Elevated beds have advantages over their floor-based counterparts.

Not only are they more hygienic but they are also easily portable too. Our top choice for all-around comfort, durability, and comfort is the Kuranda pet bed

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