Best insulated dog house for cold weather 5 of the best

Best insulated dog house for cold weather

As we move into the cold months of winter, we often spend more time indoors keeping warm. While we have the option to put on an extra jumper or turn the thermostat up a notch.

Our dogs have to rely on their innate ability to moderate their own body temperature and our goodwill to keep warm.

Although many dogs enjoy spending time outdoors keeping them safe and in good health is essential.

Why does your dog need a house?

An outdoor dog house not only offers shelter from rain, wind, sun and snow but it also acts as a safe place for your dog to relax when outside.

While it’s not ideal for a dog to spend all of their time outside, a dog house offers much-needed shelter if you have to leave your dog outdoors for any length of time.

And as the weather turns colder as we move into winter it’s even more critical to provide a warm refuge to retreat to.

How to choose the best insulated dog house for cold weather

Choosing the right dog kennel is essential. Not only is an outdoor dog house a significant investment. But it needs to be fit for purpose and offer your dog adequate protection against the elements.

Not only should the structure be stable, but it should also be hygienic, safe and dry. Do what do you need to consider before you choose a kennel?


Picking the right size house for your dog is critical for the comfort of your dog. Although it might be tempting to get the largest possible option, it’s not always the best choice.

Not only will it be difficult to keep warm but many dogs prefer a cosy space to relax in. Ideally, your dog should be able to comfortably stand up, lay down and turn around in the area provided.

As a general sizing guide, the depth of the kennel should be one to one and a half times the length of your dog. Whereas the ideal width is around two-thirds of the length of your dog.

Finally, the kennel height should measure around one and a half times your dogs’ height measured from the ground to the top of your dog’s head.

As kennel size and design varies so much, by far the easiest way to check that your dog will fit and be comfortable is to get some cardboard and make a mock-up of the house you are looking to buy.

The extra effort it takes to make the cardboard template is well worth it and prevents both disappointment and expensive return charges.


Equally as important as getting the right size is choosing the best place to locate the kennel. Selecting a dog house that has feet, or some sort of elevation is ideal. Once positioned away from puddles and damp earth the distance from the ground will prevent snow, ice and winter weather from getting in.

Not only that but ensuring that the kennel is in a sheltered spot shielded from high winds will help keep your dog cosy when the weather turns bad.


Your dog’s kennel should have a stable floor and be weatherproof. What’s more, proper insulation is needed to keep your dog comfortable through the colder months.

Although additional warmth can be provided by beds, heat pads and suitable floor coverings like wood shavings. The primary form of insulation should come from the dog house itself.

Best Insulated dog house for cold weather

Both wood and plastic dog houses are good options and are easy to keep clean. Our favourite is the Climate master plus for all around warmth, but if budget doesn’t allow the No products found. is also a good option.

For a run down of the pros and cons of each kennel, read on:

ASL Solutions insulated dog palace with floor heater
  • Outside dimensions: 38.5"H x 31.5"W x 47.5"L,Inside dimensions: 30.5"H x 24"W x 35.5"L
  • Floor is insulated and raised 4" to provide a dry and warm bedding area
  • Floor is sloped and has a drain hole to make cleaning a breeze - just hose down and water runs out

The ASL solutions deluxe Insulated Dog Palace is a perfect choice for the colder months. With four inches of foam insulation the temperature inside the house is as much as thirty degrees higher than the outside temperature.

The floor is sloped with a drainage hole to make cleaning easy, and it’s raised five and a half inches from the floor providing a warm and dry area to rest.

The smart trap door design allows for simple access, and the bottom is removable for training purposes.

What’s more, the window panels enable ventilation and can be removed entirely in warm weather.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Insulation in each wall panel
  • Raised floor prevents flooding in wet weather
  • Ventilation for warmer days


  • Although a heat pad is included, it doesn’t cover the whole floor
  • Many dogs are uncomfortable going in as the door shuts automatically behind them
  • Active and determined chewers can get to the insulation
Petmate Indigo Igloo
  • IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This heavy duty dog house for large dogs provides insulation in hot & cold weather, & an offset doorway that shields pets from rain. The roof has vents on the top of the house to...
  • DIMENSIONS: 43.8" x 34" x 25.8" | Weight: 50 lb
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: The raised floors & side moats of the outdoor pet house drains water & keeps pets dry. Features Microban Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of stain & odor-causing...

This igloo-shaped dog house offers serious protection against the elements. Not only does it feature an extended offset doorway to offer enhanced rain and wind protection, but the built-in structural foam adds to the insulating benefits of the design. In addition, it features roof ventilation and raised floors that have channels along the sides to allow for any moisture run off. This is great for ensuring that rain runs off the frame.

The Indigo house is also made with Microban treatment. This protects the dog house from the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria.


  • Tool-free construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Dorr flap oor extra protection
  • Robust


  • Check measurements carefully as the entrance is smaller than the kennel
  • The plastic has a tendency to crack
  • The door doesn’t come as standard
Climate Master insulated dog house
  • The extra large insulated dog house is designed specifically for large dog breeds weighing up to about 220 lbs, including larger Alaskan Malamutes, large male Rottweilers, most Great Pyrenees, most...
  • External Dimensions - 44 3/4 Width x 47" Depth x 49 1/4"
  • Internal Dimesnsions - 36 1/2" Width x 38" Depth x 43 1/4"

Offering serious protection for all sizes of dog. This chalet style kennel is the most technically-advanced dog house on the market.

With laminated engineered panels that have and a full inch of true foam insulation. It’s bound to keep your dog cosy when the weather turns bad.

Not only that but it has a raised floor, removable roof and an all-weather dog door.


  • Insulated floor, walls and roof panels
  • Removeable roof for easy cleaning
  • Vented ridge cap for improved air flow
  • Offset door for extra protection from the elements
  • Steep roof and extended overhang provides extra¬† weather protection


  • The only one we can find is that it isn’t budget friendly

No products found.

If you prefer a wooden house for your dog this Norfolk dog kennel offers your dog excellent protection from the elements.

With a tongue and groove design and Styrofoam insulation, it will keep your dog warm and dry when the weather turns bad.

The legs are adjustable making it easy to level on uneven ground. And the roof opens for easy cleaning.


  • Raised floor
  • Good insulation
  • Thick tongue and groove walls
  • Removeable floor for easy cleaning
  • Well made and robust


  • On the small side, so measure carefully
Trixie dog club house
  • Weatherproof solid pine construction with draft resistant tongue and groove design
  • Removable raised floor allows air to circulate plus adjustable feet to level shelter on uneven ground
  • Hinged roof with 2 locking arms that opens from above

The Trixie dog club house offers tongue and groove protection from the elements. Raised feet ensure a dry and draft-free floor.

Along with the offset door and generous overhang on the front door that keeps the rain out. The Trixie dog house is an excellent choice that has the added benefit of an optional plastic door.


  • Raised floor with adjustable feet
  • Offset door for superior protection from the elements
  • Removeable door for easy cleaning
  • Roof lifts up ad locks for ventilation
  • Durable shingle roof


  • Not very robust
  • The floor is weak
  • No additional insulation

Best insulated dog house for cold weather

Cold weather is as hard on our dogs as it is on us. Prolonged exposure to wintry conditions can make our dogs seriously ill. Read our article ‘Can dogs get sick from being cold‘ for more information.

If for whatever reason your dog has to spend a lot of time outside providing a warm, safe and draught free environment that they can retreat to is fundamental to their wellbeing.

Whether you choose a plastic or wooden dog house, once it’s assembled make sure that it is watertight and out of any draughts.

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