Best outdoor dog beds: Top 5

Best outdoor dog beds

If your dog likes to spend time outside, they need a comfortable place to snooze. Choosing an outdoor dog bed is a good investment.

Not only are outside dog beds durable and waterproof, but there are so many choices you’ll bound to get one to meet your dog’s needs. Whether you want a cool and shady space or a warm and cozy spot for your dog to sleep on, there’s an outdoor pet bed suitable.

We’ve chosen our top five of the best outdoor dog beds. If you want a quick pick, we like the No products found. for overall versatility and durability but for more options read on.

Benefits of an outdoor dog bed

Even if your dog spends most of its time inside, it’s still worth considering investing in an outdoor dog bed. Not only do they offer relief from both the heat and the cold, but they will ensure your dog gets a comfortable sleep which is essential for their overall health and wellbeing.

However, providing an outdoor dog bed has other benefits too, including;

Temperature control

Our outdoor spaces vary and can include grass, concrete, wood, or something else entirely. Temperature changes affect some or all of these surfaces. Grass gets damp; concrete can become exceptionally hot, wood can become splintered, etc. Providing an outdoor bed for your dog protects them from temperature extremes, dampness, molds, and insects as it’s sleeping.

Joint health

Offering a soft spot for your dog to snooze will help protect their joints. This is especially important for puppies as well as older dogs. If your dog has mobility issues or age-related conditions like arthritis, then an orthopedic memory foam bed that’s suitable for outdoor use offers fantastic support and is ideal.


Giving your dog a place of their own provides them with greater security. Just as with an indoor bed, an outdoor option should be a safe place for your dog to retreat to if they want.

No matter what outdoor dog bed you choose for your dog, your dog is sure to appreciate the extra padding and support.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following outdoor dog beds

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What to look for in the best outdoor dog beds

Choosing a dog bed for an outside space doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, as long as you keep a few things in mind, it’s relatively simple to choose one that will suit both you and your dog.


The first thing to think about is whether you need the dog bed to keep your dog warm or cool when they are spending time outside. As there’s plenty of choice for both, it’s also worth thinking about other factors like; is there natural shade? Does it get damp? Does the ground get hot? Is there a chance of high winds etc.? Much of your choice depends on the conditions of your outdoor space.


Choosing fabric and materials that are weatherproof ensures that outdoor beds stay in good shape for longer. Features like water and UV proofing protect against the worse of the elements, and breathable or mesh fabric offers superior airflow, which is perfect if you’re looking for a cool place for your dog to sleep in summer. At the same time, water-resistant PVC provides a sturdy, protective and safe cover for a heated outdoor bed.


If you’re looking for a bed that you can use both inside and out, it’s useful to consider how portable it is. While many outdoor beds are sufficiently light that you can pick them up, others fold up, which is ideal if you want to take your dog camping or can be taken apart for the ultimate in portability.

Apart from these factors specific to outside dog beds, the basics of what to consider before buying a dog bed are useful too.

With these things in mind, here are our top five choices of outdoor dog bed:

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For the ultimate in portability, this fold-and-go dog bed from Lightspeed is ideal. Not only is it well-cushioned and comfortable, but you can also fold it up and zip it so it can easily be carried over a shoulder.

A puncture and water-resistant PVC fabric cover the foam pad, and the top is thick, fast-drying fleece fabric. Both the fleece and the outer shell are machine washable, which means it’s simple to keep sanitary.

The convenience of this bed is hard to beat if you’re looking for an additional outdoor dog bed for when the weather is good. Simply unzip it, and your dog has somewhere cozy to sleep.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Portability and storage is a breeze and hard to beat


  • It won’t stand up to a dog that chews
  • The pad is cushioned but thin.

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This giant cushion from Majestic provides a durable and comfortable outdoor space for your dog to snooze. Available in four sizes and a massive nine color options, there’s bound to be a style suitable for both you and your dog. This outdoor bed features a durable, water-resistant UV-treated polyester outer with a fully waterproof bottom.

What’s more, the bed is well-padded with super plush polyester fiberfill. The zippered cover makes it easy to keep clean. It’s the perfect indoor/outdoor cushion for lazy afternoon snoozes.


  • These beds are enormous, so measure carefully if you have limited space!
  • Well-padded and soft sleeping area
  • The material is easy to spot clean and stands up well to moisture


  • The stuffing becomes flat over time and needs constant fluffing
  • The cover does not hold up well with repeated washing

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If you’re looking for a cool and shady spot for your dog to snooze, this bed is perfect. The elevated design combined with the canopy protects your dog from the sun while allowing the air to circulate, keeping your dog cool.

The steel frame is sturdy and assembles in minutes, and the durable 1680D Oxford fabric with mesh offers your dog the ultimate in breathable sleeping space. The material is tough enough for even the largest pets, and the removable canopy is ideal for additional protection from the sun while they rest.

There’s an optional mat at an additional cost for when the weather cools down so that your dog can continue to enjoy all the benefits of an elevated pet bed but still stay warm.

What’s more, the portability of this dog bed makes it perfect for travel. It even comes with its own carry bag. Not only that, but it’s simple to keep clean too. Hand wash with soap and water and let it air dry.


  • The elevation keeps your dog cool and off damp and hard floors
  • The canopy adds benefit in that it provides shade
  • As a padded mat is available (at extra cost), it extends the use of this bed into cooler months


  • Although it is portable, it’s quite a lot of work to assemble and disassemble. Once put together, it’s better if it stays that way.
  • There is a weight limit of 120lbs. If your dog is near the limit, the seams won’t last.
  • It’s lightweight, which is a good feature, but if you’re using it outside, you may want to weigh it down when your dog isn’t using it.

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If you want to keep your dog warm rather than cool when they’re outside, this electrically heated outdoor dog bed from K&H is ideal, although best for covered porches, kennels, and garages.

This dog bed is made from a PVC water-resistant cover and comes with a free faux-fleece topper that you can throw in the washing machine. It’s thermostatically controlled, warming up to your dog’s usual body temperature.

This pet bed comes with a steel-wrapped cord which makes it durable and safe, and there are just over five feet of it, allowing some freedom of placement.


  • Keeps your dog warm and comfortable even in the coolest of conditions
  • One of the few outdoor electric pet beds that are also soft and padded
  • The bed is available in three sizes, which means there’s bound to be one suitable for your dog


  • The faux-fleece cover slips off easily and becomes a bit of a nuisance
  • Although water-resistant, this bed does need protection from the elements as it is electrical
  • Not for dogs that chew. If you have any doubts about whether your dog will destroy the bed, opt for a non-electrical bed instead

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The super snoozer outdoor dog bed from Pet Craft is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s well-padded, and the Poly-fill wadding is kept in place by a clever channeled liner which prevents it from becoming lumpy and uneven.

What’s more, the outer fabric shell is a durable polyester that is both water and UV fade-resistant keeping the bed looking good even when left outside.

The whole bed is machine washable, and it’s available in two sizes, ideal for medium to large dogs as well as three colors.


  • Easy to keep clean as fur doesn’t get caught in the fabric
  • Well-padded and stays that way because of the channeled liner
  • Light enough to move inside and outside as needed


  • Although the bed is machine washable, you can’t take the cover off. This means your dog goes without a bed when you need to wash it.
  • As with most chew-resistant beds, it is not indestructible. If your dog is determined the bed won’t hold up to extended chewing
  • While the bed can be machine washed, you may not fit in your home machine, making it inconvenient to clean.

Best outdoor dog beds conclusion

Providing your dog with a comfortable outdoor space to snooze is a good investment. Not only does an outdoor bed protect your dog from hot and cold floors, but it also keeps them away from the damp.

For overall versatility and durability, we like the No products found. as it’s simple to keep clean, perfect for warm weather, and has the advantage of an additional cushion when the weather turns cooler.

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