Four Paw Friday #97

Hi folks, Wow, we made it to episode 97! I really hope you’re enjoying the updates. We originally started these as random thoughts and a place to record all the extra ideas we had when writing our guides and articles on the main site. The funny thing is how they’ve evolved over the last year … Read more


Four Paw Friday #96

Hi folks, Here is your weekly dose of Four Paw Friday, our free weekly digest of dog related news, chews and reviews! As mentioned last week, we’re making changes to the site design and working on a few secret projects that you’ll be seeing over the next few months. We’re excited to bring you great … Read more


Best automatic dog feeder, no more hungry hound

Regular mealtimes are important for our dogs. But if you’re delayed or working long hours or it’s not always easy to keep to a routine. Automatic dog feeders are a useful tool if you can’t guarantee that you’ll be around at the same time each day to give your dog food. While they should never … Read more


Four Paw Friday #95

Hey friends, It’s nearly September, and I’m wondering where the time went! It’s been another busy week at Practical Paw. We’ve done a lot of work to tidy up the site and make it load quickly. We also made adjustments to the design and theme to make it easier on the eye. Not only that, … Read more


YorkiePoo – feisty and fun

Are you looking for a pint-sized pooch with plenty of personality? Despite its diminutive stature, the Yorkiepoo is big in character. As a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a miniature Poodle, the Yorkiepoo is both confident and playful. While small dogs are generally easier to manage than their bigger counterparts, choosing the right breed … Read more


Four Paw Friday #94

Hi folks, We delighted to see the UK government bring in new laws to require licences for the sale of puppies and kittens. It’s a great step in the right direction, and hopefully will mean better treatment for more animals. Read more below: What we learnt this week: the UK government is introducing regulations to stop puppy … Read more


Stop puppy biting – nipping it in the bud

Teaching a puppy not to bite is one of the more challenging aspects of getting a dog. Biting and mouthing is a natural behaviour for dogs. While it may seem funny when your dog is young, it’s vital to stop puppy biting. It’s not something that should be encouraged into adulthood. Although their needle-sharp teeth … Read more


Four Paw Friday #93

Hi folks, Every day can be an adventure, and we’ve certainly had a few adventures this week. One such event meant we had to leave Theo home alone for a few hours. Despite leaving later and coming back as soon as possible from the hospital, and even booking in an extra visit from our friendly … Read more


Siberian Husky – Are you up to the challenge?

With their wolf-like looks, engaging personalities and almost human-like vocalisations the Siberian Husky has grown in popularity as a family pet. But this stunning dog needs a dedicated and energetic partner. The Siberian Husky can be challenging for a first-time owner due to their high exercise requirements and independent nature. So, what do you need … Read more


Glucosamine for dogs – does it really help?

Glucosamine for dogs is best known for treating arthritis. But it can provide benefits to dogs that experience other joint problems like hip dysplasia too. Providing your dog with Glucosamine can help increase mobility, reduce stiffness and ease pain. In fact, it can go a long way to support our dog’s natural ability to repair … Read more