Brain games for dogs; 5 fun ways to beat boredom

Brain Games for dogs
We love brain games for dogs at Practical Paw, so we thought we’d share our favourites. Not only do brain games keep your dog’s mind active, but they also tire them out much more effectively than physical exercise.

What’s more, brain games are suitable for all ages of dog. Whether you’ve just taken on a puppy or your dog is well into their senior years, brain games provide much needed mental stimulation.

What are Brain Games for dogs?

If you’re new to brain games, you may be wondering what they are. Simply put, they are any activity that involves your dog using their brain to work out what to do.

Many of the activities we do with our dogs satisfy their physical needs, walking, playing fetch, off-leash exercise etc. But apart from training, which is a brain game in itself, there is little focus on ways to stimulate our dog’s minds.

The benefits of playing brain games go beyond having a tired dog at the end of the day; mental stimulation can help too;

  • Relieve boredom
  • Tire your dog
  • Increase your dog’s confidence
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your dog
  • Help older dogs remain active

Invest a few minutes a day engaging your dog in a brain game and reap the rewards of a contented dog.

Brain games for dogs

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