Dog play styles: Get your game face on

Dogs play for a variety of reasons. Not only does it help them learn motor skills, but it also teaches our dogs about social structure. Dog play styles vary from dog to dog and breed to breed. And while many dog to dog interactions are positive, it’s important to recognize what normal dog play looks … Read more

dog commands

Dog commands; 7 essential canine cues

Teaching your dog commands not only makes life with your dog more enjoyable, but it can help keep your dog safe too. While all training is an excellent way to bond with your dog, we’ve chosen the following dog commands to a) keep your dog away from danger and b) ensure that they become a … Read more


Dog parks pros and cons, are they right for your dog

Giving our dogs the freedom to play with other dogs and have a good off-leash run tempts many of us to take our dogs to a dog park. In fact, dog parks have become so popular that they have become the fastest-growing segment of city parks in the USA. But are dog parks the ideal environment for … Read more

Brain games for dogs; 5 fun ways to beat boredom

We love brain games for dogs at Practical Paw, so we thought we’d share our favorites. Not only do brain games keep your dog’s mind active, but they also tire them out much more effectively than physical exercise. What’s more, brain games are suitable for all ages of dog. Whether you’ve just taken on a … Read more


Stop puppy biting – nipping it in the bud

Teaching a puppy not to bite is one of the more challenging aspects of getting a dog. Biting and mouthing is a natural behaviour for dogs. While it may seem funny when your dog is young, it’s vital to stop puppy biting. It’s not something that should be encouraged into adulthood. Although their needle-sharp teeth … Read more


Crate training puppies at night

Crate training a puppy is a controversial subject. Some people think that crate training is nothing short of dog imprisonment. In contrast, other people insist that a crate offers a cosy and safe den-like retreat for a dog to enjoy. The debate for the pros and cons of using a crate rages on, in part … Read more

dog sunbathing keeping safe in the sun

Dog sunbathing; keeping safe in the sun

Does your dog love to lay in the sun? Do they seek out a sunny spot and sleep the afternoon away? It seems that, like us, our dogs enjoy the feeling of the sun warm on their backs. But do we need to worry about a dog sunbathing, or can we just let them enjoy … Read more

Dog hackles

Dog hackles; Hair-raising facts

Whether you’ve got a feisty Fido or calm canine, you’ve probably, at some point, been aware of your dog’s hackles. For many owners, raising the fur along a dog’s back and shoulders is cause for alarm as most people associate it with aggression. But raised hackles are a much more sophisticated form of communication than … Read more

why do dogs eat mud

Why do dogs eat mud? We dish the dirt

It can be frustrating, can’t it? You spend a fortune on high-quality dog food and buy the latest doggy treats. Yet your dog prefers to get his teeth stuck into mud, tree roots and bark. Although we may view dirt as something unpleasant, our dogs do not share our view.  As adults, mud is usually … Read more

advanced dog tricks

Advanced dog tricks; 9 super stunts

So you’ve mastered the basics and feel up for a challenge. You and your dog are on the same page, eager to learn and impress your friends and family with some advanced dog tricks. But where do you start? What trick will be the most impressive to teach your dog and endear your four-legged friend … Read more