advanced dog tricks

Advanced dog tricks; 9 super stunts

So you’ve mastered the basics and feel up for a challenge. You and your dog are on the same page, eager to learn and impress your friends and family with some advanced dog tricks. But where do you start? What trick will be the most impressive to teach your dog and endear your four-legged friend … Read more

dog sniffs everything

Help, my dog sniffs everything

Help, my dog sniffs everything and it’s driving me mad! One of the daily pleasures of having a dog is walking. Not only is it good for you, but it’s one of the highlights of your dog’s day. Often, however, we are in a rush while our dogs seem intent on stopping at every lamppost, … Read more

How to use a halti head collar

How to use a Halti head collar; easy ways for success

If you are one of the many people that struggle when walking your dog on a regular leash or harness, you may already have considered trying a head collar. Understanding how to use a Halti head collar is essential for a rewarding and stress-free walk for both you and your dog. Why use a Halti … Read more

how to stop a dog from digging

How to stop a dog from digging – fixing a hole

Most of our dog’s behaviour is either learned, like sitting before getting dinner or instinctual, like digging. While it is possible to train our dogs not to perform certain natural behaviours that we find challenging. It can take patience and understanding to get them to stop. Digging behaviour can be distressing for dog owners. Especially … Read more

do dogs clean themselves

Do dogs clean themselves, clean canine or dirty dog?

Do dogs clean themselves? The short answer is yes. Self-grooming is a natural part of our dog’s behavior and keeps our dog’s fur and skin in good condition. They may not have the advantage of stepping under a shower any time they want to freshen up, but they have their own unique personal hygiene system. … Read more

Why do dogs bury bones

Why do dogs bury bones? Do you need to stop it?

If you have a dog that likes to hide toys, chews, or bones, you will be familiar with the process. Some dogs like to ‘bury’ items in their beds or the couch, using their nose to ‘cover’ it up. Other dogs like to do things properly and hide their items in a large, freshly dug … Read more

Why do dogs eat grass

Why do dogs eat grass? What you need to know

Is your four-legged friend more sheep than a dog? Do they munch their way around the park or stop on the verge for a quick nibble of the green stuff? Have you ever wondered why do dogs eat grass? Many owners are puzzled or concerned by their dog’s desire to eat grass. Especially when it … Read more