Dog parks pros and cons, are they right for your dog

Giving our dogs the freedom to play with other dogs and have a good off leash run tempts many of us to take our dogs to a dog park. In fact, dog parks have become so popular that they have become the fastest-growing segment of city parks in the USA. But are dog parks the … Read more

Pug mixes: 11 lovely Pugs

While the Poodle might be considered the King of cross breeds as it’s used so often in creating designer dogs, the humble Pug is catching up fast. With it’s easy-going, clownish nature and boundless affection for its family the Pug wins hearts where ever it goes. These delightful dogs are full of mischief, love to … Read more


Dog breeds that look like wolves

Majestic, powerful and proud, the Wolf encapsulates much of what scares us but also what we admire. From an evil presence waiting in the woods to attack unwary travellers to benevolent spirit guides that show us the way. Wolves have woven in and out of our fairy stories and legends for centuries. Our fascination with … Read more

Brain games for dogs; 5 fun ways to beat boredom

We love brain games for dogs at Practical Paw, so we thought we’d share our favourites. Not only do brain games keep your dog’s mind active, but they also tire them out much more effectively than physical exercise. What’s more, brain games are suitable for all ages of dog. Whether you’ve just taken on a … Read more


Scotch Collie – Lassie and the lost dogs

Talk about Scotch Collies, and most people think of Lassie.  Although Lassie, now known as a Rough collie shares her roots with Scotch Collies, they are very different dogs. In fact, there is a growing movement to get the Scotch Collie recognised as a distinct breed. The original Scotch Collies were landrace which means that … Read more


YorkiePoo – feisty and fun

Are you looking for a pint-sized pooch with plenty of personality? Despite its diminutive stature, the Yorkiepoo is big in character. As a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a miniature Poodle, the Yorkiepoo is both confident and playful. While small dogs are generally easier to manage than their bigger counterparts, choosing the right breed … Read more


Stop puppy biting – nipping it in the bud

Teaching a puppy not to bite is one of the more challenging aspects of getting a dog. Biting and mouthing is a natural behaviour for dogs. While it may seem funny when your dog is young, it’s vital to stop puppy biting. It’s not something that should be encouraged into adulthood. Although their needle-sharp teeth … Read more


Siberian Husky – Are you up to the challenge?

With their wolf-like looks, engaging personalities and almost human-like vocalisations the Siberian Husky has grown in popularity as a family pet. But this stunning dog needs a dedicated and energetic partner. The Siberian Husky can be challenging for a first-time owner due to their high exercise requirements and independent nature. So, what do you need … Read more


Teacup puppies – all breakages must be paid for

We’ve all seen them, those pint-size puppies that fit in the palm of your hand. They’re hard to resist, and many people succumb to their cuteness.  But as the demand for teacup puppies continues to rise it’s time to stop and think. Not about how sweet they look but rather about the consequences of our … Read more


Best dogs for first time owners – perfect pets for novices

If you’re a novice dog owner, it’s essential that you choose a dog that will fit in with your lifestyle. The best dogs for first time owners tend to be more adaptable and easy-going than some other breeds. Of course, if you’ve set your heart on a specific dog, there’s no reason why you can’t … Read more