Miniature Bulldog

Miniature bulldog – small dog, big personality

With its distinctive looks, winning personality and reputation for being both kind and loving, the Bulldog is a popular choice for families. But, what do you do if your heart is set on a Bulldog but you don’t have room for this big, sturdy chunk of a dog? Enter the miniature bulldog, a smaller version … Read more


Types of spaniel – the spaniel manual

Spaniels are a popular choice when it comes to a family dog. As these dogs come in all shapes and sizes and are intelligent, good-natured and affectionate, it’s not surprising. With over twenty types of Spaniel to choose from. How do you pick the right Spaniel for you and your family? Well, we’ve got the … Read more


Boxer dog breed – fun and fabulous

The Boxer dog breed will fill your life with fun, laughter and play. Maturing at around three years old the Boxer is the Peter Pan of the dog world. If you want a cheerful, loyal and energetic partner, then the Boxer dog could be the perfect hound for you. Coming from working stock, the Boxer … Read more


Blue Heeler Australian shepherd mix

If you’re high energy, active household that’s looking for a capable running partner, agility companion or obedience champion, then the Texas Heeler could be the perfect partner for you. A cross between the Australian Cattle dog (Blue Heeler) and the Australian Shepherd dog, the Texas Heeler is active, smart and friendly. So, what makes the … Read more

dogs for elderly

Dogs for elderly owners – senior sensations

We all know that owning a dog has many benefits, including improved health, more confidence and better social lives. So it’s no surprise that as we get older and we have more time on our hands that owning a dog can be even more appealing. But what are the best dogs for elderly owners and how … Read more


Crate training puppies at night

Crate training a puppy is a controversial subject. Some people think that crate training is nothing short of dog imprisonment. In contrast, other people insist that a crate offers a cosy and safe den-like retreat for a dog to enjoy. The debate for the pros and cons of using a crate rages on, in part … Read more


Miniature Golden Retriever – mini-me magic

With its friendly and tolerant nature, it’s no wonder that the Golden Retriever remains one of the most popular dog breeds in both the USA and UK. Intelligent, family friendly and easy to train the Golden Retriever is versatile as both a working dog and pet. However, its size does mean that for many families … Read more


German shepherd Border collie mix

If you’re looking for a super intelligent, high energy dog that will work and play as hard as you. Then the German shepherd, border collie mix may be your perfect match. Whether you want to compete in agility, obedience or just want an enthusiastic running partner the German Shepherd border collie mix or ‘Shollie’ is … Read more

German Shepherd Rottweiler mix

German shepherd Rottweiler mix – loyal and loving

Whenever you welcome a dog into your home, it’s always worthwhile researching the temperament, exercise needs and grooming requirements of your chosen dog breed. But what happens when you pick a mix breed dog like the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix? How do you know what your dog will be like when they are made up … Read more

Husky Golden Retriever mix

Husky Golden Retriever mix – the gorgeous goberian

If you want an intelligent, active and energetic dog, then the Husky Golden Retriever mix could be the perfect choice for you. Commonly known as the Goberian, this mix breed dog is friendly, easy-going and gentle. Despite this, the Goberian does present some challenges and is not the most straightforward choice for a first-time dog … Read more