Miniature Golden Retriever – mini-me magic

With its friendly and tolerant nature, it’s no wonder that the Golden Retriever remains one of the most popular dog breeds in both the USA and UK. Intelligent, family friendly and easy to train the Golden Retriever is versatile as both a working dog and pet. However, its size does mean that for many families … Read more


German shepherd Border collie mix

If you’re looking for a super intelligent, high energy dog that will work and play as hard as you. Then the German shepherd, border collie mix may be your perfect match. Whether you want to compete in agility, obedience or just want an enthusiastic running partner the German Shepherd border collie mix or ‘Shollie’ is … Read more

German Shepherd Rottweiler mix

German shepherd Rottweiler mix – loyal and loving

Whenever you welcome a dog into your home, it’s always worthwhile researching the temperament, exercise needs and grooming requirements of your chosen dog breed. But what happens when you pick a mix breed dog like the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix? How do you know what your dog will be like when they are made up … Read more

Husky Golden Retriever mix

Husky Golden Retriever mix – the gorgeous goberian

If you want an intelligent, active and energetic dog, then the Husky Golden Retriever mix could be the perfect choice for you. Commonly known as the Goberian, this mix breed dog is friendly, easy-going and gentle. Despite this, the Goberian does present some challenges and is not the most straightforward choice for a first-time dog … Read more

New Year with Dogs

New Year with dogs – resolutions for a fun New Year

It’s well known that when setting a New Year’s resolution, we are more likely to keep to it if we have someone to do it with. Even if you can’t find a human companion to keep you on track. Your dog won’t let you down. So why not make some goals that will benefit you … Read more

dog sunbathing keeping safe in the sun

Dog sunbathing; keeping safe in the sun

Does your dog love to sunbathe? Do they seek out the sunniest spot and snooze the afternoon away? It seems that our dogs just like us enjoy the feeling of the sun warming their backs. But do we need to worry about our doggy sun worshipers or can we just let them enjoy the feeling … Read more

facts about dog paws

15 fun facts about dog paws

Have you ever studied your dog’s paws? Probably not, like most dog owners a dog’s paw only really gets noticed when there’s something wrong with it. But a dog’s paws, just like our human feet are a sophisticated piece of kit. Ideally designed to cope with different terrains, a range of temperature and a good … Read more

Dog hackles

Dog hackles; Hair-raising facts

  Whether you’ve got a feisty Fido or calm canine, you’ve probably, at some point been aware of your dog’s hackles. For many owners, the raising of the fur along a dog’s back and shoulders is cause for alarm. As most people associate it with aggression. But raised hackles are a much more sophisticated form … Read more

why do dogs eat mud

Why do dogs eat mud? We dish the dirt

It can be frustrating, can’t it? You spend a fortune on high-quality dog food and buy the latest doggy treats. Yet your dog prefers to get his teeth stuck into mud, tree roots and bark. Although we may view dirt as something unpleasant, our dogs do not share our view.  As adults, mud is usually … Read more

Boxer German Shepherd mix

Boxer German shepherd mix; an essential guide

With so many ‘designer’ dogs available you would be hard pushed not to find one that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Choosing a dog is an important process, and thought needs to go into whether the personality of your chosen breed will suit you and your family long term. Inviting a dog to … Read more