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Four Paw Friday #93

Hi folks, Every day can be an adventure, and we’ve certainly had a few adventures this week. One such event meant we had to leave Theo home alone for a few hours. Despite leaving later and coming back as soon as possible from the hospital, and even booking in an extra visit from our friendly […]

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Siberian Husky – Are you up to the challenge?

With their wolf-like looks, engaging personalities and almost human-like vocalisations the Siberian Husky has grown in popularity as a family pet. But this stunning dog needs a dedicated and energetic partner. The Siberian Husky can be challenging for a first-time owner due to their high exercise requirements and independent nature. So, what do you need […]

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Four Paw Friday #92

Hi folks, Here is your weekly dose of Four Paw Friday, our free weekly digest of dog related news, chews and reviews! What we learnt this week: Glucosamine for Dogs – Does it really help? Did you know:  Swiss police say dogs should wear shoes during heatwave Telling Tails: A disturbing read – there is a call for […]

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Four Paw Friday #91

Hi folks, The weather seems to be hitting the headlines these last few weeks, with warnings not to walk dogs on pavements and sidewalks above 35C or risk burning their paws.  What we learnt this week: what are the best dogs for first-time owners? Did you know:  what to expect at an emergency vet clinic Telling Tails: […]

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Four Paw Friday #90

Hi folks, Have we got an update for you this week! We’ve been struggling in the heat, and the change in routine (walking early and late to avoid the highest temperatures) has meant a very bored pup. So, we decided to do something about it and have taken a long look at dog toys. Not […]

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Four Paw Friday #89

Hi folks, It may come as no surprise, but we love to take photos of our dog and summertime means even more opportunities. All these photos are taken on our phones, and often they come out over-exposed or blurry. Animals with dark fur are particularly tricky to capture well as your camera may brighten the […]

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Four Paw Friday #88

Hi folks, This week we experimented with ice cubes made from gravy stock (for our dog Theo, not us!), and putting stones into a paddling pool to encourage him to actually cool off in the water. He will jump into ponds and lakes and the sea, but no matter how hot it gets he really […]

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Four Paw Friday #87

Hi folks, What we learnt this week: How squidgy miniature bulldogs really are!  Did you know: A quarter of the impact of meat production comes from the pet-food industry. Has the time come to change what we feed our dogs and cats? (via: The Guardian) Telling Tails: The barking mad dog owners who refuse to go on holiday […]

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Four Paw Friday #86

Hi folks, What we learnt this week: Chew Proof Dog Beds; tough choices for chewers Did you know:How To Train A Dog Without Treats Effectively Telling Tails: 7 Tips For Giving Your Senior Dog A Bath Paws for thought:  An Open Letter To People Who Walk Their Dog Without A Leash Warm wishes, Mike, Kim and Theo (The Practical […]

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