New Year with Dogs

New Year with dogs – resolutions for a fun New Year

It’s well known that when setting a New Year’s resolution, we are more likely to keep to it if we have someone to do it with. Even if you can’t find a human companion to keep you on track, your dog won’t let you down. So why not make some goals that will benefit you … Read more

facts about dog paws

15 fun facts about dog paws

Have you ever studied your dog’s paws? Probably not; like most dog owners, a dog’s paw only really gets noticed when there’s something wrong with it. But there’s a lot of fun facts about dog paws because just like our human feet, they are a sophisticated piece of kit and are uniquely designed to cope … Read more

Long haired dog breeds

Long haired dog breeds – 7 stunning hairy hounds

If you are considering getting a dog with long hair, be prepared to make friends with a local dog groomer. Long-haired dog breeds can be found in all of the Kennel Club’s breed groups. They range from tiny toy breeds like the Yorkshire terrier to extra large breeds like the Old English sheepdog. So if … Read more

Dogs that don't shed

Dogs that don’t shed – 9 Perfect pooches

With allergies on the rise and increasingly busy lifestyles, there is always a keen interest in having dogs that don’t shed. So we’ve come up with a list of hairy hounds that will keep the housework down and sneezes at bay. Although our list of lovelies is considered hypoallergenic dogs and is low shedding, there … Read more

Small white dog breeds

Small white dog breeds – 5 of the best

If you fancy something a bit special, then you can’t go wrong with a dog from one of our small white dog breeds list. Although we would never recommend choosing a dog on looks alone, there is something distinctive about an all-white dog. If you are looking for a small companion to follow you around … Read more