Glucosamine for dogs – does it really help?

Glucosamine for dogs is best known for treating arthritis. But it can provide benefits to dogs that experience other joint problems like hip dysplasia too. Providing your dog with Glucosamine can help increase mobility, reduce stiffness and ease pain. In fact, it can go a long way to support our dog’s natural ability to repair … Read more


Raw dog food pros and cons simplified

If you do any research on what to feed your dog, you’re probably already aware that there’s a lot of debate between dog lovers as to what constitutes a healthy diet. While many people are happy to give their dogs dried kibble or canned food others swear by a raw diet.We all have our dog’s … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Lettuce

Can dogs eat lettuce – leaf it out!

We’ve all done it, slipped that last bit of sandwich into our dog’s mouth, finally giving in to their pleading eyes. But how do we know that what we’re giving our dogs is safe? While it’s obviously that some foods like, cakes and biscuits are bad for our dogs just as they are bad for … Read more


Can dogs eat broccoli – the hidden danger

A much under-valued member of the cruciferous family, broccoli is a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw, stir-fried, roasted, boiled and even hidden in a smoothie. So, while you may not naturally think of broccoli as a treat for you or your dog, it’ worth giving it a second look, for all the health … Read more

Can dogs eat beans

Can dogs eat beans – essential safety tips

While beans may not be the first thing you think about when deciding what to feed your dog, they do have some nutritional advantages. Not only are beans packed full of protein, but they also contain reasonable levels of B vitamins, fibre, iron, folate, potassium, magnesium, and phytonutrients. Not only that but as beans are … Read more


Can dogs have carrots – the surprising benefits

There’s a lot to like about the humble carrot. Not only is it nutritious but in moderation, it provides a healthy low-calorie treat for your dog. What’s more, a carrot offers an alternative to the usual dental chews. Given whole, they can help towards keeping your dog’s teeth healthy and clean by gently scraping the … Read more

Can dogs eat raw green beans

Can dogs eat raw green beans

If you’re looking for a low calorie, healthy treat for your dog; then green beans might be a perfect choice. Nutritious and full of fibre, green beans are readily available fresh, frozen and canned and are safe for a dog to eat as long as they are plain. What’s more, green beans can play an … Read more

Can dogs eat eggplant (aubergine)

Can dogs eat Eggplant – the bitter truth

Can dogs eat eggplant? The quick answer is yes. For most dogs, eggplants or aubergine, as it’s also known, are safe to feed your dog. This glossy, deep purple-colored fruit is meaty, versatile, and delicious when grilled, baked, or roasted. However, eggplant is a member of the nightshade family of vegetables, with potatoes, tomatoes, and … Read more

can i give my dog valerian

Can I give my dog Valerian? Herbal help for anxious dogs

Being the owner of an anxious dog presents very unique challenges. It can be distressing, can’t it? Watching your dog pace up and down,  trying to hide under the bed, or even howling as you leave for work. Whether it’s fireworks, the vet, separation anxiety or thunderstorms, trying to comfort a distressed dog is tough. So … Read more

Are almonds bad for dogs?

Are almonds bad for dogs? Fact or fiction?

Sharing food with our dogs is a great pleasure for many of us. But it can be challenging to know what we can and can’t split with our dogs. Almonds belong to this camp. There is a lot of debate as to whether almonds are toxic to dogs or not. So we’ve uncovered the facts … Read more