Can I give my dog Melatonin?

Can I give my dog Melatonin; Embracing the dark side

If you own an anxious dog, you may already know about melatonin and its benefits. Although still very much in an experimental stage the growing interest in its health and behavioural benefits is gaining momentum. So, what is it, how does it work and can I give my dog melatonin? What is melatonin? Melatonin is … Read more

Safe herbs for dogs

Safe herbs for dogs, herby healthcare for happy hounds

Whether you’re a green-fingered gardener or a dried herb devotee,  you’ve probably got a pot or two lurking in your pantry. Herbs not only enhance the flavour of food, but they also have nutritional and medicinal properties. But can we use these aromatic herbs to boost the health of our dogs? The answer is yes … Read more

Can dogs eat kale?

Can dogs eat kale – the King of cruciferous veg

Love it or hate it, kale has become the poster vegetable for super-foods. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, it’s hard to beat kale regarding nutritional benefits. Not only does kale have a proven record in cutting cancer risk but it also helps prevent heart disease. As a member of the cruciferous family that includes broccoli … Read more

Are acorns toxic to dogs

Are acorns toxic to dogs?

Autumn has to be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. But did you know that it can present unexpected dangers to your dog? As the leaves change colour and begin to fall, they are joined by nuts and seeds looking to find a fertile place to take root and grow. Acorns, the … Read more

Halloween dog treats

Halloween dog treats for creepy canines

If your dog is more of a homebody than a social butterfly leaving them behind while you go trick or treating is probably best. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the festivities and enjoy their own tricky treats. Baking healthy Halloween treats for your dog doesn’t need to be complicated. What’s more, if you … Read more

brown rice for dogs

Brown rice for dogs and it’s surprising uses

It can be difficult, can’t it? Choosing a good quality dog food only to find that one of the ingredients is a carbohydrate that according to some reports shouldn’t be part of a dog’s diet. There is so much confusion about whether dogs should eat carbs like rice, wheat, corn and barley that many of … Read more

ginger for dogs

Ginger for dogs, say no to nausea

Love it or hate it, there’s just no getting around the fact that ginger has long been considered a spice with a lot of medicinal muscle. Ginger is well known for easing stomach upsets as well as reducing morning and motion sickness. What’s more, ginger contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols. And it’s these anti-inflammatory … Read more

Garbanzo beans for dogs

Garbanzo beans for dogs? All hail the humble chickpea

OK, the chickpea might not be the first thing you think of when you want to treat yourself or your dog, but it has an awful lot to offer. This humble legume, known as a Chickpea in the UK and as a Garbanzo bean in the USA packs a powerful nutritional punch. Not only are … Read more

can dogs eat sardines

Can dogs eat sardines? A fantastic fishy feast

Sardines may be small, but they pack a powerful punch in terms of nutrition. But can our dogs benefit from the nutritional profile of these tiny fish in the same way that we do? Can dogs eat sardines? Fish has a long history as a health food because it’s full of essential nutrients that many … Read more

can dogs eat dates

Can dogs eat dates? The truth about these sweet treats

Despite dates looking like raisins’ older, slightly better-looking brother – you may be surprised to learn that dates and raisins are not related. Dates are produced by the date palm tree, whereas raisins are dried grapes. Why am I telling you this? If you want to treat your dog to fruit, it’s important to know what … Read more