Can dogs eat peanuts

Can dogs eat peanuts? A guide to the risks

Can dogs eat peanuts? With so much confusion around ‘human foods’ that dogs may or may not be able to eat, it can be stressful knowing what foods are harmless and what foods are dangerous. Although you can control what your dog eats each day, what about when your dog is out, and they pick … Read more

Can dogs eat tomatoes

Fact or fiction, can dogs eat tomatoes?

They may be number one on the homegrown vegetable plot, but can we share the many benefits of this versatile and health boosting fruit with our canine companions? Can dogs eat tomatoes? Can dogs eat tomatoes the benefits Tomatoes are widely known for their antioxidant properties. Since there are hundreds of varieties to choose from … Read more

Feeding dogs quinoa

Feeding dogs quinoa, healthy hound or poisoned pooch?

Clean eating is a big deal. Not many of us have escaped the healthy eating revolution or the gluten-free tidal wave. If you’ve embraced super foods yourself, you may want to pass the health benefits onto your dog. But is feeding dogs quinoa a good idea? What is quinoa? Despite being used as a grain, … Read more

Can dogs eat tuna

Can dogs eat tuna? I smell something fishy

Can dogs eat tuna? If you are one of the many people that sit down to enjoy a tuna sandwich for lunch, then you may find your dog trying to convince you to share it with them. If you can’t resist those pleading eyes and want to share your favourite food with your dog, then … Read more

Can I give my dog honey

Can I give my dog honey? The bee’s knees

Can I give my dog honey? Having been used for over two thousand years honey is said to help with anything from digestive issues to skin care and is even used in the treatment of wounds It’s one of the few foods that seems to have universal praise for its health benefits. So can one … Read more

can dogs eat cheese

Can dogs eat cheese? Smile please

Cheese is a bit of a mystery, no one really knows when it was first made as its origins predate recorded history. We aren’t even sure how many different types exist in the world. What we do know though, is that it is one of the most eaten and versatile foods around.  Not only can … Read more

Can dogs eat yogurt

Can dogs eat yogurt are you udderly confused?

Can dogs eat yogurt? If you regularly tuck into a bowl of yogurt you may already have considered whether or not you could share it with your dog. With the benefits of probiotics being widely understood now it’s tempting to give your dog a little of what you are having to give them a boost … Read more

Can dogs eat nectarines

Just peachy, or is it? Can dogs eat nectarines?

Nectarines belong to the Rosaceae family of fruits that also include peaches and plums. Just like peaches they are packed full of goodness. They are sweet, tasty and on a hot day a perfect treat. Can dogs eat nectarines? If you fancy sharing with your furry friends, read on to find out more. What are … Read more

Things not to feed your dog

Things not to feed your dog – 9 of the worse

It can be really confusing knowing which foods are safe to give your dog. So we’ve put together our top nine things not to feed your dog and, most importantly, the reasons why. You will probably have heard of someone that has fed their dog something on this list without any ill effects. But there are always … Read more

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes? Spudtastic facts!

Sweet potatoes almost reach the status of a super-food because they are so good for you. So it may be natural to think that you can extend the many benefits of this widely available vegetable to your dog. But can dogs eat sweet potatoes? Sweet potato is great for your dog. It has many health … Read more