Dog nutrition - What you need to know

Feeding your dog high-quality complete, and balanced dog food is essential for maintaining good overall health. Most commercial pet foods will meet most or all of your dog’s nutritional requirements, and they are a convenient way to ensure that your dog gets all vitamins and minerals they need.

What are the nutritional requirements for a dog?

Whether you opt for dry dog food, canned dog food, or raw food diets, meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements shouldn’t be left to chance. Although different from our own, a dog’s nutritional needs still require the basic building blocks; Protein, carbohydrates, fats like Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins, Minerals, and water.

Human Food for Dogs

But what if you want to supplement your dog’s diet by feeding your dog the odd treat? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. But how do pet owners make sure that they are giving their dog foods that are safe? Many foods that we can safely eat are toxic or dangerous to dogs. Even foods that are common in dog food can be dangerous in other forms like cooked bones. But while there are lots of things not to feed your dog, the good news is that you can share plenty of other common foods with your dog based on their needs.

What is the healthiest human food for dogs?

Going out for a long hike with your dog and need an energy boost? Bananas are an excellent source of energy for you both and make a great low-calorie snack packed with vitamins and minerals. Perhaps you’re looking to help your dog with weight loss? Green beans are low in fat but full of fiber, keeping your dog from getting hungry. Maybe you want to support your dog’s immune system by providing essential nutrients or provide a cool treat on a hot day. There are many ways to add interest to dog food without interfering with a complete and balanced diet.

Dog food and treats

Dog nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Make sure you start with the basics. There are so many high-quality pet foods on the market it’s not difficult to find one that provides a complete and balanced diet, including all the essential amino acids. Good quality dog food should meet all your dog’s nutritional requirements and guide you on how much to feed your dog based on age, activity level, and ideal body weight. There is plenty of homemade dog treat recipes available to tempt your dog. While not essential to feed your dog extras, treats can play an important role in motivating your dog in training and boosting essential nutrients provided by their usual dog food.
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