Running Leash For Dogs: The benefits

If you love to run, investing in a good running leash for dogs can transform both your and your dog’s experience. A hands-free dog leash provides a simple solution to the problem of having to hold a leash while you are jogging as they attach around your waist, leaving you to run naturally. Not only … Read more


Best dog brush for Golden Retriever

If you are a proud owner of a Golden Retriever, you will already know that their coat needs regular attention. What’s more, it’s safe to say that if you share your life with a Goldie, you will need to invest a fair amount of time in grooming to keep them looking and feeling their best. … Read more

Best Dog Coffee Table Book

Best dog coffee table books – top choices

There’s something about a great coffee table book. They’re entertaining, thought-provoking, and sometimes even bring a tear to the eye. Combine the natural attraction of a big shiny book and photographs of dogs, and you’re bound to have a page-turner. Here are our top choices of the best dog coffee table books. Whether you’re looking … Read more


Best orthopedic dog beds: Top 5 choices

Typically marketed at older dogs who may suffer from sore and stiff joints. Orthopedic dog beds are specifically designed to ease the pressure on dog’s joints and bones as they sleep. Usually made with memory foam, orthopedic dog beds work to distribute your dog’s weight evenly. Offering maximum support and providing optimum body alignment for … Read more


Best elevated dog beds: 5 of the best

Elevated dog beds have been around for a long time but are still less common than their plush dog bed counterparts. However, raising your dog off the ground can have huge benefits, not only for your dog but for you too. The majority of raised dog beds look more like a cot than a bed. … Read more


Best outdoor dog beds: Top 5

If your dog likes to spend time outside, they need a comfortable place to snooze. Choosing an outdoor dog bed is a good investment. Not only are outside dog beds durable and waterproof, but there are so many choices you’ll bound to get one to meet your dog’s needs. Whether you want a cool and … Read more


Indestructible dog beds. The best 5 for dogs that chew

Choosing a bed for our dogs is not always easy. While we see a soft and squishy bed as a cozy place for our dogs to sleep, they often see it as the perfect chew toy. A good dog bed is not cheap, so having it pulled to bits is frustrating as well as expensive. … Read more


Best waterproof dog beds: Our top 5

Waterproof dog beds have two significant advantages over their non-waterproof counterparts. Firstly, it means your dog has a comfortable place to sleep outside, and secondly, they are ideal for puppies and older dogs that may have an occasional accident. Easy to wash and designed to keep moisture away from the center of the bed, waterproof … Read more


Best heated dog beds: Our top 5

Providing your dog with a heated dog bed may seem like a luxury, but there are many advantages of providing your dog with a warm place to snooze. Of course, the most obvious reason for opting for a heated dog bed is if you live in a cold climate. But did you know that both … Read more


Best dog cooling mat: Top 5

When the weather gets hot, our dogs can suffer. Unlike us, our dogs can’t sweat to cool down. The only way to get rid of heat from their bodies is to pant. Some dogs will seek out cold tiles or even dig in the garden to make a cool den in the earth on hot … Read more