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Dog Puzzles The best games for smart dogs

Dog puzzles are a great way of engaging your dog’s brain. Not only do they stimulate your dog’s natural abilities of problem-solving, hunting and scent detection but they also help alleviate boredom. In fact, the more we engage our dogs in games that interest and challenge them, the less likely they are to indulge in […]

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Chew Proof Dog Beds; tough choices for chewers

Choosing a bed for our dogs is not always easy. While we see a soft and squishy bed as a cosy place for our dogs to sleep, they often see it as the perfect chew toy. A good dog bed is not cheap, so having it pulled to bits is frustrating as well as expensive. […]

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Dog Backpack Carriers – Have dog will travel

Whether you’re socialising a puppy or have an older dog that can’t keep pace on a walk. A dog backpack carrier could be just the thing. Dog backpack carriers allow you to carry your dog either on your back or front while keeping your hands free. They are ideal for small dogs and are especially […]

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Best Dog Behaviour Books – Decoding Dogs

Millions of us share our lives with a dog. In fact, over forty percent of American households and over twenty percent of UK homes include a dog. Most of the time we co-exist peacefully. Our dog’s versatility enables them to fit in with the rules and regulations that we set. But are our expectations of […]

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Dog ramps for cars, Protecting your dog’s mobility

Many dogs love a car ride. Windows open, nose to the wind, the pleasure of a road trip is second to none for some of our canine companions. But every time our dogs jump in and out of a car, especially SUV types, they put an enormous amount of pressure on their joints.No matter how strong […]

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Best Dog Coffee Table Books – Top choices

There’s something about a great coffee table book. They’re entertaining, thought-provoking and sometimes even bring a tear to the eye. Combine the natural attraction of a big shiny book and photographs of dogs, and you’re bound to have a page-turner. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a dog loving friend. Or just want to […]

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Holiday Dog Collars – Rocking Ruffs for Holiday Hounds

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to turn our attention to family, food and fun. While we dust off our best Christmas jumpers. Our dogs may be secretly dreading our desire to get them dressed up for the festive season. Although some dogs don’t object to a cosy jumper or even a […]

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Best dog coats for cold weather, Winter is coming

Even though our dogs wear a fur coat throughout the year, for some dogs it just isn’t enough to keep them warm in winter. While many dogs with thick or double coats like Huskies or Labradors enjoy the cooler months. Dogs with single coats like Yorkies or short fur like Greyhounds struggle to maintain enough […]

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Best dog backpacks for Town or Trail

One of life’s greatest pleasures is taking our dogs for a long walk or hike. Not only is it good for us but it’s one of the highlights of our dog’s day. But carrying everything we need for our own needs as well as our dogs can add a lot of weight to our backpack. […]

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