Best dog life vest: Be water smart

Whether you’re lazing by the pool, strolling by the sea or off on a sailing or kayaking adventure, keeping your dog safe around water is a must. Even though many dogs enjoy the water and are excellent swimmers, they can still find themselves in trouble. Fatigue, strong currents and cold water can all affect your … Read more


Best dog ear cleaner – we’ve got you covered

How often do you check your dog’s ears? If the answer is rarely, you could be missing out on an essential part of your dog’s healthcare. Not only do routine checks of your dog’s ears keep them clean but it could prevent a nasty ear infection from taking hold. Cleaning your dog’s ears doesn’t have … Read more


Portable dog bath tubs, convenient clean up for your dog

Do you and your dog dread bath time? It can be a battle, especially with a large dog. Not only is it a challenge to get your dog in the tub in the first place, but then you have to find a way to keep them there until you’ve finished. And that’s just half the … Read more

Best dog car hammock – clean car and safe dog

If your dog spends any time in your car with you, you’ll already be familiar with the issues of transporting a furry passenger. Not only do your back seats get covered in fur, but they are also exposed to mud, drool and the occasional bout of car sickness. Dog hammocks offer a way of protecting … Read more

Best dog blow dryer: Our top 5

If you think investing in a dog blow dryer is a bit over-the-top it’s time to think again. Not only do dog blow dryers protect your dog’s skin from unnecessary heat they are also much more powerful than a standard blow dryer. The majority of dog blow dryers blast water from your dog’s fur rather … Read more


Best automatic water bowl for dogs

While an automatic water bowl might seem like a luxury, they are a sound investment. The best automatic water bowl for dogs makes tap water more palatable to your dog. As such, it encourages them to drink, and adequate hydration is vital for your dog’s long-term health. Our top choice for a good all-rounder is … Read more


Best dog clippers – great grooming for messy mutts

If you’re fed up with your dog getting more haircuts than you do. You may be tempted to give your dog an at-home trim. While professional groomers have many hours of experience, it is possible to do an acceptable job at home with a bit of practice and the right equipment. Choosing the best dog … Read more


Best dog bike trailer – trouble free travel

If you love getting out on your bike but feel bad about leaving your dog at home, investing in a dog bike trailer could be the perfect solution. In an ideal world, it would be great to have your dog run alongside you on leash as you cycle. But many dogs aren’t bike savvy and … Read more


Best automatic dog feeder, no more hungry hound

Regular mealtimes are important for our dogs. But if you’re delayed or working long hours or it’s not always easy to keep to a routine. Automatic dog feeders are a useful tool if you can’t guarantee that you’ll be around at the same time each day to give your dog food. While they should never … Read more

Dog Puzzles

Dog puzzles – the best games for smart dogs

Dog puzzles are a great way of engaging your dog’s brain. Not only do they stimulate your dog’s natural abilities of problem-solving, hunting and scent detection but they also help alleviate boredom. In fact, the more we engage our dogs in games that interest and challenge them, the less likely they are to indulge in … Read more