Dog bowls to slow down eating

Dog bowls to slow down eating 7 of the best

Just like us, dogs get enjoyment from food. However, just like us, they vary in the speed at which they eat. As dogs don’t chew in the same way that we do, the speed at which they finish their food is not usually an issue, but could they be getting a greater benefit from mealtimes … Read more

Dog DNA test

Dog DNA test; decoding your mysterious mutt

Do you share your life with a magnificent mutt? Have you ever wondered what lies beneath that loveable exterior? A dog DNA test may hold the answers for you. Despite being around since 2007 dog DNA tests have only recently become popular for dog owners. But can a dog DNA test actually provide any useful … Read more

best dog shampoo for yorkies

Best dog shampoo for Yorkies; gentle options for coat and skin

One of the defining features of a Yorkshire terrier is its beautiful long and shiny coat. But the skin and coat of a Yorkie need regular maintenance to keep your Yorkie in tip-top condition. So how do you choose the best dog shampoo for Yorkies when there are so many options out there? Although we … Read more

dog cone of shame

Dog cone of shame, every dog’s nightmare

The dog cone of shame or the Elizabethan collar or E-collar as it’s variously known serves an important purpose to the welfare of your dog. It might look like your dog’s wearing a large lampshade, but the collar is designed to stop your dog from licking or biting parts of their body that may need … Read more

Best toys for strong chewers

Best dog toys for strong chewers

All dogs love to chew. Not only does chewing help keep your dog’s teeth nice and clean, but it also alleviates boredom and anxiety. What’s more, gnawing releases endorphins from your dog’s brain, making them feel good. Providing a safe way for your dog to indulge in this activity can be challenging, especially if your … Read more

Best dog nail clippers

Best dog nail clippers, 6 choices for tidy toes

Our dogs nails grow in a similar way to ours, in that they grow continually. So unless your dog is wearing them down naturally by walking on hard or uneven surfaces, it is likely that they will need to be trimmed at some point. If you want to trim them at home then you may … Read more

how to clean your dog without a bath

How to clean your dog without a bath, 8 simple steps

If you want a fresh-smelling dog without using water, then follow our simple steps of how to clean your dog without a bath. Although there is no substitute for a warm soapy soak in the tub, it’s not always convenient to keep bathing your dog. If your dog finds baths stressful or you have a … Read more

Do puppy pads work

House training, do puppy pads work?

If you are looking forward to a new puppy, one of the first things you will want to do is house train them. Using puppy pads has become increasingly common, but do puppy pads work? Not everyone has the same idea about how to housebreak a puppy. Some people start by training their pup to … Read more

best flea treatment for dogs

Best flea treatment for dogs, Frontline vs Advantage

They may be tiny, but fleas can be a big problem for your dog. Left untreated, they can make your dog seriously ill. Not only can fleas cause your dog to damage its skin because of excessive scratching, but there are also more serious conditions that your dog may be vulnerable to. So what’s the … Read more