Mental stimulation for dogs

Mental stimulation for dogs – 7 brilliant brain games to play at home

We are slightly obsessed with brain games at Practical Paw. Not only is teaching your dog something new fun. But problem-solving also gives your furry friend a mental workout that is at least, if not more efficient, at tiring them out than their regular walk. Mental stimulation for dogs is as important as physical exercise. So we’ve … Read more

dog massage

Dog massage, the relaxing way to bond with your dog

No matter how devoted you are to your dog, you may feel that giving your furry friend a dog massage is taking it a bit too far. However, there are many benefits of giving your dog a relaxing massage. From spotting potential health risks to calming a nervous dog, massage not only provides a powerful … Read more

Can dogs have asthma? All you need to know

Can dogs have asthma? The simple answer is yes. However, asthma in dogs is less common than in either cats or humans. Nevertheless, dogs can develop breathing difficulties and exhibit asthmatic symptoms. In most cases, though, dog asthma or allergic bronchitis, as it’s also known, is an allergic reaction to something in our dog’s environment. … Read more

Signs of a happy dog

The simple telltale signs of a happy dog

If you share your life with a dog, you may already know how to tell if a dog is happy or not. A wagging tail, a willingness to play, and a dog that is eager for walks are all signs of a happy dog. But what if your dog isn’t an enthusiastic wagger? What if … Read more

what age do dogs go grey

What age do dogs go grey? Stress highlights explained

At what age do dogs go grey? It depends. Some dogs never go gray, while others start to develop a salt and pepper grey muzzle as early as two years old. Just like us, greying varies significantly in dogs. On average, though, you can expect to see some grey hairs on your dog at around … Read more

reasons for neutering a dog

Practical reasons for neutering a dog: benefits and risks

For some people, deciding whether to neuter their dog is a difficult decision. So we’ve outlined the pros and cons, and given you what we think are the best reasons for neutering a dog. If you’ve already done some research regarding the pros and cons of neutering, you may have found that there are two … Read more

how much sleep do dogs need

How much sleep do dogs need? Feeling dog tired?

sleep Our dogs spend a lot of time sleeping. It’s essential for their health, but how do we know what is normal? How much sleep do dogs need? Well, the answer is that it depends. Sleep requirements can vary from dog to dog, depending on age, breed, and activity level. Is it normal for dogs … Read more

Dog elbow calluses

What are dog elbow calluses – under pressure

So you’ve been the best dog parent you can be. You’ve spent a fortune on the right food, the right bed, and even the latest high-tech gadgets. Against your better judgment, you’ve even relaxed your rule about your dog not being allowed on the couch and bed. But despite your best efforts, your dog has … Read more

Skin tags on dogs

Skin tags on dogs – how to identify lumps, bumps and cysts

Skin tags on dogs are common and are generally harmless. However, it can be worrying to find a lump on your furry friend, especially if it’s new. Although most lumps on our dogs are benign (non-cancerous) fatty tumors, it’s always best to have them checked by a veterinarian who can confirm it. If your dog … Read more

Can dogs get sick from being cold

Do dogs get colds? Baby it’s cold outside!

It’s doubtful that you will have escaped the common cold. Most of us have experienced at least one in our lifetime, and some of us will suffer them repeatedly, especially in the winter. The symptoms can range from light to severe but nearly always make us feel miserable. But do dogs get colds? The simple … Read more