Why is a dogs nose wet

Why is a dogs nose wet? Sniffing out the facts

Whether it’s black, brown, pink, or mottled, our dogs’ noses seem to be a constant source of interest to us. Why is a dogs nose wet? Why does it wiggle so much? How sensitive to smell is it? Despite the common belief that wet noses mean healthy dogs, that isn’t necessarily true. There are several … Read more

Reasons to get a dog

3 pawsome reasons to get a dog – Happy, healthy and confident

Are you considering adding the patter of tiny paws to your family? Or perhaps looking to adopt an older dog but are still unsure? Well, we’re here to give you three fantastic reasons to get a dog! Dogs not only have the ability to make us healthier and happier, but they also provide us with … Read more

Do dogs have good eyesight

Do dogs have good eyesight?

Do dogs have good eyesight? Knowing how our dogs perceive their world opens up a new level of understanding that can be valuable, especially when it comes to training. Most of us know that our dogs’ view of the world may be different from ours. But that doesn’t mean that it’s inferior what they may … Read more


Why do dogs get hiccups? And how to stop them

Hiccups or hiccoughs can occur for no apparent reason. They are usually short-lived and disappear all on their own within a few minutes, without the need for any treatment. But why do dogs get hiccups? Although the reasons our dogs get hiccups are unclear, there are several theories as to why they occur, especially in … Read more


The nodding dog, idiopathic head tremors

If you’ve ever witnessed your dog have an episode of head tremors, it can be terrifying. Idiopathic head tremors usually present as quick nodding movements either side to side or up and down. It is almost as if your dog is shaking their head ‘no’ to something or shaking its head ‘yes’ to something. Despite … Read more

best way of getting rid of fleas in the house

What’s the best way of getting rid of fleas in the house?

No matter how clean your dog or how spotless your house is, there are times when unwelcome guests may visit you. Despite its diminutive size, the flea is a mighty adversary and should not be underestimated! You’ll want to get rid of fleas as soon as you notice there’s a problem to prevent a full-blown … Read more

How to fit a dog harness

How to fit a dog harness – all you need to know

With the overwhelming amount of equipment available for our canine companions, it can be challenging to choose one piece over the other. However, a dog harness is an investment that is well worth making. In fact, it’s one of the most critical pieces of equipment you will buy, and getting the fit right is essential. … Read more

Can you use baby shampoo on dogs

Can you use baby shampoo on dogs? No more tears

There are times that no matter how much you love your dog, you would prefer not to get too close! If you have a dog that loves to roll in smelly stuff then you will know what I mean. But can you use baby shampoo on dogs! When it comes to bath time it can … Read more

When are dogs full grown

When are dogs full grown? Puppies growing pains

Although it’s generally considered a rule of thumb that once your dog reaches one year old he is fully grown, it isn’t necessarily true. So when are dogs full grown? Dogs mature at different rates depending on their size and their breed. Your puppy will not only grow in size,  but he will also grow in … Read more

How many teeth does a dog have

How many teeth does a dog have? Chewing it over

If you’ve ever owned a puppy or an adolescent dog that still mouths, you may think that your dog is nothing but teeth. From the tiny needle-like nips you get from a pup to the vice-like grip of an older dog tugging on a toy, dogs’ teeth are powerful. But how many teeth does a … Read more