Do dogs have belly buttons

Do dogs have belly buttons?

Do dogs have belly buttons? The simple answer is yes. Almost all mammals have a belly button, Although you may not be able to see a dog’s belly button as it is usually covered in fur and difficult to see. However, if you really want to find your dog’s belly button, look for a thin, … Read more

Earmites in dogs

Ear mites in dogs, scratch that itch

Despite their diminutive size, ear mites in dogs can cause big problems. Looking a little like a spider, these tiny terrors have eight legs and live on or just under the surface of a dog’s skin. Although common, ear mites are a serious problem. Not only do ear mites cause severe itching and discomfort, but … Read more

How to treat arthritis in dogs

How to treat arthritis in dogs – old and achy

As our dogs age, like us they can suffer degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Around 1 in 5 of our adult dogs experience osteoarthritis and it can be extremely uncomfortable for them. So how to treat arthritis in dogs? Despite arthritis being more common in large breeds, older dogs or those that are obese, it … Read more

How to cure dogs bad breath

How to cure dogs bad breath – no kissing zone

Most of us accept that as our dogs get older, they may gain certain, less attractive qualities, like bad breath. However, bad breath doesn’t have to be a given. Bad dog breath or halitosis, to give it its proper name, is a build-up of odor-producing bacteria that may live in the mouth, lungs, or gut … Read more

How long are dogs pregnant for

How long are dogs pregnant for? All you need to know

Whether you are looking forward to the patter of tiny paws or have the unwelcome suspicion that your bitch may have been visited by the dastardly dog next door, you need to be prepared. How long are dogs pregnant for? In comparison to humans, dogs have a very short pregnancy, only around 2 months. Although … Read more