Dog socks with grip: Top picks for tacky toes

Dog socks with gripIf you’ve never come across dog socks with grip before. You may be wondering what they are and why your dog would need them.

Simply put, dog socks are very much like our own socks. They come in various materials, styles, sizes, and even waterproof versions that your dog can wear outside.

If you want a quick look at our favorite, have a look at No products found. but for more options, read on.

While it’s still not that common to see dogs in socks, some sporting breeds, like Huskies, have been taking advantage of their protection for years. So how can our own dogs benefit from doggy footwear?

What dogs need to wear dog socks?

In fact, it’s not just sporting breeds that can gain an advantage from wearing dog socks. As our dogs get older and begin to suffer from age-related conditions, it becomes even more critical to manage their symptoms. Likewise, if we have a dog that already has mobility issues, injuries, or lacks confidence on certain surfaces, slick kitchen tile, for example, non-slip dog shoes, can provide much-needed aid.

In this article, we’re going to review the following non-slip dog socks:

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Seniors and non slip dog socks

For anyone sharing their life with an elderly dog, you’ll know the struggle. As our senior dogs become less mobile and arthritic, they struggle to get their back legs underneath their body when they stand up.

This situation is much worse if we have slick or hardwood floors at home. Often causing numerous failed attempts because of lack of grip. Non-slip booties can provide traction to senior and tri-pawed pets enabling them to navigate slippery surfaces more easily.

Sore paws and dog socks

Not only do dog socks with grip help with our dog’s mobility, but they can also help injured dogs recover more quickly.

If your pet has ever had a paw injury, you’ll know they take a long time to get better. Not only do dogs want to lick the wound contaminating it with bacteria. But any time they go outside and relieve themselves, there is a risk that the injury will get re-infected.

While the dreaded cone of shame is the go-to tool for preventing a dog from reaching its injury, putting socks on an injured dog paw is helpful and offers an alternative that many dogs prefer.

Scratch prevention and Hardwood Floors

Another benefit of dog socks with grip is that they protect hardwood floors from your dog’s nails. No matter how short your dog’s nails are, there is always a risk that the rough surface of the nail will damage delicate floors.

What’s more, the additional traction that socks or dog boots provide will prevent your dog from slipping as they run through the house. Not only is this useful for preventing long scratch marks, but it also goes a long way to avoid accidental breakages as your dog tries to get purchase and skids across on the floor.

What to consider when buying dog socks

It may seem like a simple task to get socks for your dog, but there are a couple of things to consider before you invest.

The first is whether you want the socks for indoor or outdoor use or both. Indoor socks are often cotton or a cotton mix, and although they have grippers of some sort on the soles, they won’t be waterproof.

If your dog walks on damp ground with an indoor sock, the material will soak up water like a sponge. Not only will this be uncomfortable for your dog, but long term, it can affect the health of your dog’s feet.

In contrast, outdoor socks usually have some waterproofing or rubber base to protect your dog from the damp as they walk. While this makes them ideal on the wet ground, it can make your dog’s feet incredibly warm. Again, this is ok short-term, but constantly hot feet without any airflow are a perfect home for unwanted bacteria.

The second and equally important thing to consider is the fit. Unlike our own feet that attach to our legs at right angles with a heel to help keep the sock in place. Our dog’s feet are much more streamlined, which makes wearing socks a challenge.

Dog footwear needs to be snug enough to stay put without being tight. Each manufacturer has its own size guide, so follow their advice and measure carefully to avoid badly fitting socks.

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Available in five sizes and three colors, these non-slip dog socks have a generous anti-slip silicone gel sole. They are a good length. Covering at least a third of your dog’s leg goes a long way in helping to keep them on. There’s a substantial cuff, too, which also keeps the socks in place.

This brand of socks is made for indoor use only. They are soft and comfortable and come with tape if you need extra support.


  • Soft
  • Good length
  • Good size anti-slip gel pad to give superior traction


  • Indoor use only, so anytime your dog needs to go out, you have to remove the socks.
  • The socks have a tendency to twist, which means your dog can’t make use of the anti-slip gel.

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Although these are more dog boots than dog socks, they are soft enough to wear every day. The top is breathable mesh surrounded by soft cloth and with a non-slip sole. There’s a generous, flexible cuff and an easy-to-tighten Velcro strap to keep the boots in place.

Available in five sizes and two colors and suitable for both inside and outside (good weather only).


  • The mesh fabric is great at allowing a dog’s paws to breathe and stay fresh
  • These non-slip dog socks are suitable for both inside and outside. This means you don’t have to take them off every time your dog wants to go outside
  • The Velcro provides an easy way to keep the socks secure


  • Although the sole is waterproof, the boots won’t stand up to damp grass or heavy rain.
  • The boots are very short, which doesn’t leave much room to strap them on your dog’s legs.

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These nonslip dog socks offer the added advantage of grip all around the paw. This means that even if the socks twist on your dog’s foot, they won’t lose traction.

They are available in seven sizes, and they are suitable for the smallest to the largest of a dog’s paws. They come with Velcro straps to keep the socks in place, and the grippy material provides a waterproof layer. So your dog can come and go as they please without worrying the socks will get ruined.


  • Good quality and well-made
  • The grippy material covers the whole of the paw, which means that your dog still has a grip even if the sock twists.
  • The waterproof layer provided by the silicone means you don’t have to remove the socks when your dog wants to go outside.


  • Although the all-around grip is a good idea, it’s not a breathable material, meaning that your dog’s feet could get extremely hot and sweaty.
  • The socks are short, which makes it much easier for them to slip off

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These traction socks from Kooltail have a large anti-slip area that’s also waterproof. Not only does this mean that your dog will still have traction if the socks twist. But it also means you don’t have to take the socks off when your dog wants to go outside.

We really like the removable Velcro strap and that it secures the sock via a popper. It means that the sock can’t slip beneath the Velcro as it sometimes does when the straps are separate from the sock. Available in five sizes in a bat or paw design. These socks are a good length which helps keep them up.


  • The paw section is completely covered by non-slip material, which provides superior traction even if the sock twists.
  • The velcro straps are attached by a popper which is an excellent idea and goes a long way in keeping the socks stay put.
  • The tread is waterproof, which means your dog can come and go as they please.


  • The completely covered paw section makes a dog’s paws hot, creating the perfect environment for bacteria.
  • The button that holds the Velcro in place gets ripped very quickly
  • Dog’s nails easily go through the rubber coating on the paw of the sock

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If your dog doesn’t tolerate socks, these non-skid PadGrips are a good alternative. Rather than covering all of your dog’s paws, they are worn on the pads.

These pad protectors work a little like band-aids in that you stick them on your dog’s paws. They last anywhere between one to six weeks. Depending on factors like humidity, wet weather, type of surface your dog walks on, etc.

They are easy to put on, and they can be used whole or cut into individual pads to make them more comfortable for your dog. There’s a good variety in sizes – six in total to ensure a good fit.


  • Most dogs tolerate the pads well, so they are a good option if your dog won’t wear socks.
  • Allows your dog’s paws to breathe, which is great for keeping their feet healthy
  • Good grip and perfect for indoor use


  • The pads do come off quickly, especially if you are using these for outside activities too.
  • They are a bit fiddly to put on. Especially if you cut the pads shapes individually – that’s five pieces per paw!
  • Limited protection and won’t prevent your dog from licking its paws.

Dog socks with grips conclusion

Dog socks with grips can provide much-needed support for elderly dogs trying to cope with slippery floors.

While there are lots of options on the market, we really like No products found. because as they only cover the pads, they allow your dog’s paws to breathe. As a dog’s feet are a breeding ground for bacteria keeping them as fresh and dry as possible is vital. Although your dog can keep them on both inside and outside, they will drop off much sooner if your dog goes out regularly. But for indoor use, they are hard to beat.

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