Husky Golden Retriever mix – the gorgeous goberian

Husky Golden Retriever Mix - The Gorgeous GoberianIf you want an intelligent, active, and energetic dog, then the Husky Golden Retriever mix could be the perfect choice for you.

Commonly known as the Goberian, this mixed breed dog is friendly, easy-going, and gentle. Despite this, the Goberian does present some challenges and is not the most straightforward choice for a first-time dog owner. However, if you like a challenge, have an abundance of patience, and want an affectionate and fun-loving friend. Read on and discover all about the Goberian.

Breed history

Breed history is a great place to start when you’re researching whether a dog breed will fit in with your lifestyle. Not only does the history of a dog’s heritage provide insights into the temperament of your chosen breed. It also offers clues about your dog’s exercise needs, suitability as a family dog, and what they most like doing.

As with most mixed breeds, their breed history is relatively short. Looking at the parent breeds provides some idea of what your dog is likely to be like.

So what about the Goberian? Both the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky have long histories as working dogs. The Golden Retriever can be traced back to 1864 and resulted from a breeding program to create the ultimate hunting dog. The aim was to produce a robust, energetic, athletic dog that was cooperative and gentle and could perform in tricky terrain.

In contrast, Husky’s history is more unclear. What is known is that they originated from Eastern Siberia.


Huskies were used as sled dogs to provide transportation and family dogs, sleeping with the children to keep them warm in winter. Bred for stamina and independent thinking, the Husky was the perfect dog for Siberia’s harsh and challenging conditions.

Golden Retriever Husky mix appearance

Goberians vary in appearance a great deal depending on the parent dog coat colors. However, Golden Retrievers are all shades of golden coat, ranging from a deep tone to the palest cream. Husky coat colors can include white, grey, black, red, sable, and copper.

This means that Goberian offspring can be any of or a combination of the colors of the parent dogs. Not only does this make it difficult to predict the shades of a litter of puppies, but due to the Husky relative’s face masks and markings, puppies in the same litter can look very diverse.

What’s more, some puppies in a litter may have the distinctive blues eyes of the husky, while others will have the brown eyes of the golden retriever parent. It’s also entirely possible that your Goberian puppy will have one eye of each color.

Whatever color your Goberian turns out to be, it will inherit a dense double coat perfect for protecting it from both hot and cold weather. Goberians are medium to large dogs with an athletic build. Light on their feet and agile, they are energetic and built for endurance.

Husky Golden Retriever mix temperament

The Golden Retriever is renowned for its friendly nature. Confident, kind, and cooperative, they are easy to train and willing to please. The Husky, in contrast, is well known for being an independent thinker. Huskies treat commands more as suggestions that they will only choose to comply with if they feel like it.

Yet Huskies, just like Goldies, are affectionate and welcoming to everyone. These traits make the Goberian a poor guard dog but an excellent host.


They are not one-person dogs but welcome everyone into their homes. In addition, neither parent dog is particularly vocal. However, your Goberian may inherit the loud, alert bark of its Golden Retriever parent or the talkative nature of its Siberian Husky relative.

The Goberian at its best An intelligent, energetic dog that is tolerant, patient, kind and biddable.

Both parent breeds are highly intelligent and adaptable, which means that their offspring are likely to be the same. While the Golden Retriever is laid back, the Husky has much more drive. Your Goberian is likely to fall somewhere in between.

Not only that, but Goberians are tolerant, patient, and playful and, given the right environment, will thrive as a family pet. However, mainly due to the Husky side of their genetics, they are not the best choice for first-time dog owners.

The Goberian at its worse An intelligent, energetic dog that is independent, unruly and prone to running away.

Goberian exercise

The Goberian is a dog that needs daily activity. As both the Golden Retriever and Husky are working dogs, it means that your Goberian will have the strength and stamina to go all day long.

If you can’t provide adequate outlets for both their physical and mental exercise needs, the Goberian is not the right dog for you.

So if you choose a high-energy Goberian as a companion, expect to commit to a minimum of an hour of exercise a day as both the Husky and Golden Retriever are highly intelligent dog breeds. Providing mental stimulation is as equally important as physical exercise.

A bored Goberian will find their own entertainment if it’s not provided for them. With the Golden’s love of chewing combined with the Husky’s love of digging. It’s a recipe for disaster if you don’t keep your Goberian mentally challenged. Not only that, but the Husky’s uncanny ability to escape and the Golden’s social nature make them unsuitable as yard dogs.

Goberian grooming

If you are house proud, have a fur allergy, or aren’t keen on fluff everywhere you look. You may want to reconsider your choice of companion. Both the Husky and Golden Retriever have coats that need regular grooming to keep them mat and tangle-free.

Not only that, but your Goberian will inherit a thick double coat, ideal for water and cold weather but not so good for a fur-free home. What’s more, if your dog has inherited the feathery fur of the golden retriever parent, you need to pay particular attention to these areas of hair to prevent them from becoming knotted.

Expect to brush your dog two or three times a week for regular maintenance. Also, twice a year, your dog will blow their coat, and daily brushing will be required to keep your dogs coat in good shape.

Goberian health problems

While both parent breeds are relatively healthy. Some health issues do affect both the Husky and Golden Retriever. Although your Goberian may not suffer from any of these problems. It’s always worth being prepared for potential health concerns,

  • Hip dysplasia
  • ​Cancer
  • Cataracts
  • ​Progressive retinal atrophy
  • ​Allergies
  • ​Obesity

Despite this somewhat scary-looking list, both the Husky and Golden Retriever are robust dogs. And if you decide that the Goberian is the right dog for you. You can expect to share your life with your dog for 10-12 years.

Husky Golden Retriever mix highlights

The Goberian is a stunning dog both in appearance and personality. However, they are not perhaps for the first-time dog owner. While they are affectionate, kind, and placid, they have an independent streak and a high prey drive, making some of them challenging to train.

Despite this, if you want a family dog that will be tolerant and playful with children. And friendly and patient with visitors, then the Goberian is a good choice. As with all dogs, providing the right environment will enable your dog to thrive. So if you love the outdoors, you are happy to spend time training and providing mental stimulation. The Goberian could be the perfect companion for you.