Indestructible dog beds. The best 5 for dogs that chew

best Indestructible dog beds

Choosing a bed for our dogs is not always easy. While we see a soft and squishy bed as a cozy place for our dogs to sleep, they often see it as the perfect chew toy. A good dog bed is not cheap, so having it pulled to bits is frustrating as well as expensive. What’s more, for some dogs, a chewed dog bed can prove dangerous.

While some dogs only chew foreign objects, others will ingest the material. Not only does this present a possible choking hazard, but it can also lead to intestinal blockages and a hefty vet bill. Although chewing is a natural behavior for our dogs, other factors may increase the likelihood that your dog will chew, such as pain, boredom, teething, and anxiety, to name a few.

So how do we provide a comfortable and safe place for our dogs to sleep? Fortunately, there are lots of indestructible dog beds on the market that are chew-resistant. We really like the No products found. for its superior durability, but for more options, read on.

The Best Indestructible dog beds

It’s a big claim to call any dog bed an indestructible dog bed. Whether a dog bed is genuinely chew-proof depends on many factors, not least your dog’s determination. But we’ve rounded up the most durable dog beds that are heavy duty and will stand the test of time if your dog chews.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following indestructible dog beds

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However, if you need an indestructible dog bed, it’s always useful to think about why your dog might be chewing something they shouldn’t. Dealing with the cause can save time, distress, and money in the long term.


Puppies teeth between three and seven months of age. The discomfort they experience as they go through getting their adult teeth gives them an uncontrollable urge to chew.

Not only does the action of chewing relieve some of the pain, but it also helps loosen and remove the puppy teeth. Providing your puppy with appropriate dog chews may make all the difference.

Attention Seeking

Dogs are social and need regular interaction to keep them happy. Dogs learn very quickly that chewing or stealing something shouldn’t result in a game of chase or some form of attention from their owner.


Never underestimate the need for both physical and mental stimulation. Many dogs become chewers to relieve boredom when left alone.

While some dogs tolerate boredom by sleeping, others will turn to destructive behaviors to relieve the monotony.


Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and chew to relieve their distress. Often stress chewers choose items that smell strongly of their owners, like shoes, for example.


While we explore objects with our hands, our dogs do so with their teeth. New items often get more attention than familiar ones, and de-stuffing is enjoyable for many dogs.

How to prevent chewing

Before you invest in a new dog bed, consider the above and any improvements you can make to your dog’s routine to reduce their desire to chew.

Simple things can go a long way to help your dog chew inappropriate items less;

  • Exercise your dog. Taking your dog out twice a day provides both physical and mental exercise. Dogs allowed to sniff and explore are more likely to be relaxed and tired when they get home.
  • Provide appropriate toys and chews for your dog. While it’s advisable to supervise your dog as they chew, giving them safe items to gnaw on will help minimize destructive chewing.
  • Remove items that your dog finds tempting. This includes shoes, remote controls, and anything that your dog can easily find or smells strongly of you.
  • Play with your dog. Playing engages both your dog’s brain and body and can prevent boredom even when the play sessions are short.
  • Whenever you see your dog chew something, they shouldn’t always offer an appropriate chew or toy in its place. Praise them for chewing on the correct object and, if possible, remove the other object from sight.

Indestructible dog beds

Designed to be durable chew proof dog beds are often made of durable chew-resistant material or have metal frames. While they don’t look like the coziest of resting places, if your priority is to keep your dog from chewing, they are a good option.

The harder the bed is to chew or de-stuff, the less likely it is that your dog will persist in attempting to gnaw on it. The idea being that your dog will eventually get tired of trying and sleep on it instead of destroying it.

We’ve picked the best indestructible dog beds, but you know your dog best. Choose the dog bed that you think your dog is least likely to chew.

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This is the first of our elevated dog bed options. Kuranda’s beds are made to be tough, and they come in a variety of frame materials. This model has aggressive chewers in mind as the frame is high-grade PVC. Not only is this dog bed chew-resistant, but its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for even the largest dog.

The PVC frame makes it extremely strong yet lightweight. What’s more, the ingenious design hides the fabric edges, discouraging chewing.

The sleeping area is solid vinyl making it water-resistant and very easy to clean. Not only that, but the material, which is available in four color options, goes all the way into the corners, so there are no tempting edges for your dog to nibble.


  • Supportive with sturdy and durable chew resistant fabric
  • The PVC frame is lightweight yet strong
  • Perfect dog beds for larger dogs as the bed will support up to two hundred and fifty pounds.


  • The bolts provided for assembly aren’t that long, so for extra security, you may want to use your own
  • If your dog likes to dig before it lay down, the material will rip under extended pressure.
  • The fabric, while supportive, doesn’t have much give.

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Carhartt makes indestructible dog beds for tough chewers, and this bed is no exception. This durable canvas bed is made from cotton duck canvas with a water-resistant finish for extra convenience.

The baffle-constructed interior cushion keeps your dog comfortable, and the washable shell will extend the life of the bed, giving you years of service. Available in three sizes and six colors.


  • Firm but comfortable
  • The washable removable cover makes it simple to keep clean
  • Waterproof as well as chew-proof.


  • It’s not infallible. Best for moderate chewers
  • The fiber cushion does compact over time, so it needs regular plumping
  • The cover clings to dog hair, making it difficult to keep clean

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It can be tough to get a bed that is durable but provides a den-like sleeping environment. So, we’ve included this dog bed from K9 Ballistics, which offers durability and cozy for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.

This tough dog bed is made from a robust propriety blend of 1680 Denier ripstop Ballistic Nylon, which is scratch-resistant. The high bolster walls keep dogs cozy, and there’s a removable pad making it easy to clean. Not only that but if the bed gets dirty, the whole thing is machine washable.


  • Extra tough material provides a chew-resistant place to sleep
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • No zippers or Velcro to tempt your dog


  • Although it’s a durable dog bed, committed chewers will have no problem making holes in it.
  • Measure carefully. Look at the inner measurement, not the overall size of the bed.
  • Only the black option is ripstop material both inside and out

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If your dog likes to rip soft bedding, then this plastic indestructible dog bed from Rosewood is a great alternative and is suitable for indoor or outside use. This dog bed has ventilation holes in the bottom to keep it nice and fresh.

What’s more, these dog beds can be hosed down, which makes them simple to clean. While this chew-proof dog bed doesn’t look very soft or cozy, adding blankets makes it a comfortable place for your dog to snooze, and you can remove them when your dog is unsupervised.


  • Durable dog bed made of tough plastic that deters dogs from chewing
  • It features a wide rim, and the ergonomic shape makes it more comfortable than similar plastic dog beds
  • Waterproof and simple to keep clean, making it hygienic


  • Despite the non-slip feet, it does move around, so it’s worth putting it on a rubber mat.
  • It’s not infallible, and the plastic poses a risk for aggressive chewers
  • You need to provide your own padding or mattress for additional comfort

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We’ve chosen another elevated dog bed, this time from K9 Ballistics. These indestructible dog beds feature strong steel tubing that makes up the frame, and PVC coated Polyester material provides a durable sleeping area. Not only is the bed strong, but it’s also resistant to tears, which makes it less appealing to a dog that chews.

Fur, dust, and dander brush off, so it’s simple to keep clean. What’s more, it’s easy to spot clean with warm soapy water. These dog beds are available in two sizes and can support dogs up to one hundred pounds.


  • Good sturdy construction
  • Simple to keep clean
  • Tough materials deter dogs from chewing
  • It comes with a 180-day chew-proof warranty


  • Although it’s a tough dog bed, the corners of the frame are a weak point
  • The bed does shift around quite a lot, so best placed up against a wall
  • It isn’t quiet when your dog gets on, off, or moves around on it

Chew Proof Dog beds

Chewing is an entirely natural behavior of our dogs, and they spend a lot of time in their beds. Finding a chew-proof dog bed that is also a comfortable place for them to sleep is not always easy.

While the options we’ve chosen are durable, there really is no such thing as a truly indestructible dog bed. However, all the options we’ve picked are certainly chew resistant, and we really like the No products found. for overall durability.

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