Portable dog bath tubs, convenient clean up for your dog

Portable dog bath tubsDo you and your dog dread bath time? It can be a battle, especially with a large dog. Not only is it a challenge to get your dog in the tub in the first place, but then you have to find a way to keep them there until you’ve finished. And that’s just half the job. Once you get your dog out of the bath, there’s the clean-up afterward. While mopping the floor isn’t the worse job in the world – a scratched bath is much more troublesome.

So how do you keep your dog clean without forking out for a professional wash and brush up each time you want a spotless dog? Well, portable dog bath tubs might be the ideal solution.

Why it’s important to bath your dog

Unfortunately, the effort it takes to clean some dogs is enough to stop many people from bathing their dogs as often as they should. Add this to the fact that many dogs don’t enjoy a bath, and you’ve got an unhappy owner as well as a stressed dog.

So, why go through all the effort and put your dog through a routine they obviously don’t like? Keeping your dog clean is essential for several reasons;

  • It keeps your dog’s coat and skin in good condition
  • Baths help reduce shedding
  • It allows you to thoroughly inspect your dog’s skin for parasites, fleas, and other issues.
  • Regular baths can help relieve skin issues like eczema
  • It reduces odor

While you can do a lot without a dog grooming tub, there’s no substitute for a good scrub in a bath. So, portable dog bathtubs offer a useful solution to an age-old problem. Not only do they keep your house from becoming a flood zone, but many dogs are less stressed when bathed outdoors. Not only that, but your drains will thank you for not filling them up with dog hair.

Choosing the best portable dog bath tubs

Portable dog bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s bound to be one to suit the needs of both you and your dog. But generally, they fall into three main styles;

  • Tubs
  • Hose attachments
  • Vacuum style units

Dog bath tub

Although there are many choices when it comes to containers, they primarily work in the same way. They contain your dog in a unit that you can fill with water. Some tubs come with shower attachments, too, and provide an all-in-one bathing system for your dog. Dog baths come in various materials, including stainless steel and plastic, and may be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Hose attachments

While you may already use a shower head to wash your dog, these hose attachments offer a convenient way you can take it outside. They connect to the inside and outside faucet and provide a dog-appropriate spray pattern.

Vacuum style portable units

These are a relatively new type of portable pet grooming tool, and they work in a similar way to a carpet cleaner. A mix of shampoo and water gets squirted onto your dog from one tank on the unit while at the same time the water is vacuumed back up into a separate second tan.

Benefits of portable dog bathtubs

Investing in a tub specifically for your dog may seem like a luxury. But there are several benefits that they provide;

Save your back

Having to lift a large dog in or out of a bath or bending over a bath tub to wash a small dog can play havoc with your back. It’s no fun to eventually straighten up, only to find that your back is twinging.

Your dog hates the bath.

If your dog already has a negative association with bath time, it can be challenging to overcome. However, changing the environment can help the process. Not only that, but most dogs are less stressed when bathed outside.

Dirty dog

Let’s face it, when our dogs roll in something smelly, the last thing we want to do is traipse them through the house. Whether you’ve got a working dog, a dog walking business, or just a dog that enjoys smelly stuff, portable dog bath tubs offer a convenient and time-saving way to clean your dog.

What’s more, keeping your dog out of your own tub means fewer blocked drains, a clean and tidy bathroom, and less damage.

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This elevated dog bathtub is perfect if you want to avoid a bad back. It allows you 360-degree access to your dog, all without bending down. The plastic is sturdy, and the legs snap on and off for more accessible storage.

It comes with a spray nozzle with fan spray that can be hung on the side of the dog tub when not in use, and there’s a shampoo caddie which is a nice touch so that you can be hands-free as much as possible.

Safety features include a 3-point restraint system and a non-slip rubberized mat to keep your dog from sliding around. The drain hole allows you to empty the tub without getting wet, and it’s easy to put together. While not included, there’s a step system No products found. that means your dog can walk into the tub.


  • Elevated pet bath for ease of use
  • Safety features keep your dog steady
  • 360-degree access
  • It comes with a hose and showerhead


  • It feels wobbly on its legs
  • The drain hose pops off easily
  • Legs pop off unless you secure them properly

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If your dog doesn’t mind the noise of the vacuum cleaner, this mess-free offering from Bissell is ideal. Working in a similar way to a carpet cleaner, the Bissell uses a no-rinse shampoo and water mix to clean your dog’s coat while simultaneously sucking up water from your dog’s fur into a separate tank.

If you want something truly portable, then the Bissell BarkBath fits the bill. You can take it and use it anywhere there’s an electrical outlet without having to worry about the mess. It comes complete with no-rinse shampoo, a mat for the unit to sit on to dampen the sound as well as a microfibre cloth for the face and paws.


  • Prep and set-up are easy.
  • Practically mess-free – use towels to catch the drips
  • Good long cord so the noisy part can be kept away from your dog
  • It cuts dog bathing time in half


  • Not as effective on long-haired or thick-coated breeds
  • The cleaning head is hard and solid, which makes cleaning smaller areas like legs and paws tricky
  • The cleaning head design also makes it a challenge to use on smaller dogs
  • Noisy – if your dog doesn’t like the vacuum, they won’t like this

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If you’re looking for a space-saving bath tub and have a small dog, this useful model folds down for easy storage. Although it can go on the floor, it also fits inside a standard bath and will protect the surface while you save water. It’s perfect if you want to travel and have a way of washing your dog without worrying about damage.

With two handy carry handles, it makes emptying the tub a breeze.  What’s more, it’s easy to clean and perfect for small dogs.


  • It folds almost flat for easy storage.
  • It can be used in the existing tub or the sink or countertop
  • Durable, sturdy, and non-slip
  • Perfect for puppies first bath as it’s less overwhelming


  • No way to keep your dog contained
  • The drain hole is small, so water takes a long time to disappear
  • Not suitable for larger dogs

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For dogs with thick coats, the Waterpik shower attachment is perfect. It can be used both inside or outside – attached to your shower or a hose. It has a robust water comb spray that penetrates even the thickest fur and a narrower spray for delicate areas like the face.

The contoured wand makes wetting and rinsing your dog a breeze. In addition, you can customize the water pressure, so your dog remains comfortable throughout bath time. While it can stay fixed to your shower and used by way of a diverter tap, you can also keep it portable and use it with your garden hose when the weather is warm.


  • The shape of the wand makes it easy to wet and rinse your dog in a short time.
  • Good length hose – 8-foot
  • The narrower spray and adjustable pressure are perfect for delicate areas like the face.


  • The diverter breaks easily
  • The connectors are prone to leaks
  • The tubing is plastic and liable to cracks

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This collapsible pool is probably the best option for large dogs unless you want to fork out for a professional bathtub. While you still have to bend to wash your dog, it does mean that all the mess stays outside, and if your dog loves water, it can be used as a doggy pool when it’s not bath time.

The Pet Pool has a drainage hole that works well with minimal tipping to get the last of the water out, and with a bit of muscle, it folds down into a surprisingly small size.

The tub is ready in seconds and is made from a sturdy (but not indestructible) PVC material with cardboard inserts to keep the sides upright and stable.


  • Large enough for even the largest pets
  • 360 access to your dog
  • It can be used as a doggy pool when it’s not bath time
  • Folds down small


  • It’s sturdy but not indestructible – long nails can tear the bottom
  • If you leave it out for your dog to enjoy in summer, it won’t stand up to chewing, but for bath-time, it’s robust enough
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • Color fades quickly

Portable Dog Bath Tubs Highlights

Most importantly, durability, ease of use, and your dog’s comfort are paramount when bathing your dog. We like the No products found. dog bath as it fulfills all of those criteria and more. Not only does it allow you to clean your dog without breaking your back, but the safety features also help keep your dog in place while you work.

For extra-large dogs that enjoy bath-time, you can’t beat the No products found. as it gives both you and your dog plenty of room. And for small dogs, the No products found.is hard to beat for ease of use and portability.

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