Running Leash For Dogs: The benefits

Running leash for dogs

If you love to run, investing in a good running leash for dogs can transform both your and your dog’s experience. A hands-free dog leash provides a simple solution to the problem of having to hold a leash while you are jogging as they attach around your waist, leaving you to run naturally.

Not only that, but they give your dog more freedom as well as preventing the inevitable jerk on your dog’s leash as you pump your arms. Also, hands-free leashes often have an elasticated buffer via a bungee section of the leash that protects both of you from uncomfortable jolts if your dog pulls.

So, what do you need to consider before you invest? We’ve got you covered. We like the No products found. for simplicity and overall performance if you want our quick pick, but for more options, read on.

In this article, we’re going to review the following hands-free leashes for dogs:

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The benefits of running with your dog

Dogs are great motivators. They are always up for a run, won’t moan about the weather, and will keep going even when you are long past giving up.

Not only does jogging provide physical exercise, but it also helps keep us mentally sharp too. And it’s not different for our dogs.

A daily run will increase both you and your dog’s stamina, fitness, and mood as well as helping to prevent obesity. What’s more, it goes a long way for your dog in stopping destructive behaviors caused by boredom. Not only that but running together is a great bonding experience for you both too.

Safety tips for running with your dog

Before strapping on your running shoes and grabbing your dog for a long run, there are a few things to consider first.

Most importantly is to check that both you and your dog are in good shape. You have to take pre-existing health concerns and current capabilities into account, as well as the breed of your dog. Inevitably some types of dogs will be more able to cope with running than others.

Always tailor your exercise program to you and your dog’s current fitness level and build up slowly. Our dogs can’t tell us if they are finding the going too tough. You must keep an eye on them and look for signs of distress. Dog’s overheat far more quickly than we do, so it’s crucial to make sure they don’t overdo it in warm weather. Take a water bottle with you on your run, and ensure that both you and your dog stay hydrated.

Finally, we would always recommend getting your dog a harness in which to run. If you attach a hands-free dog leash to your dog’s collar and you or your dog makes a sudden stop, the pressure that a collar puts on your dog’s throat can cause permanent damage. In comparison, a dog’s chest and shoulders are much more robust and can take the shock of a sudden stop without causing lasting damage.

What to look for in a running leash for dogs

Running with your dog is fun but can be a bit challenging at first. Getting a hands-free leash makes it much easier for you as you don’t have to worry about holding anything. They are also more comfortable for your dog, as pumping your arms for momentum while holding a leash means your dog gets jerked each time you move.

While there are many options on the market, few things differentiate the best dog hands-free leashes from the rest.


The belt has to be comfortable. You’ll be wearing it a lot, so it also needs to be robust, adjustable, and suitable for the size of your dog.

Basic versions include a simple belt-like construction made of nylon webbing. In contrast, more advanced belts offer additional back support, which is useful if you have a large or energetic dog. What’s more, some products are multi-tasking with quick-release buckles that convert them from a running leash to a standard walking leash.

Running puts a lot of wear and tear on a leash, so the quality and durability of both material and connectors are vital.


Getting the right length of the leash is essential. It can make the difference between a comfortable and safe run and a disaster. The leash needs to be long enough to give your dog some freedom to run but not so long that it drags on the ground creating a hazard.

The length of the leash is probably the trickiest part to get right. Much depends on the size of your dog, your height, and your dog’s running style. For example, a dog that likes to run right beside you doesn’t need a hands-free leash as long as a dog that wants to run in front.

It’s a good idea to measure your dog’s height and your height from waist to floor. Then mock up the leash length with a piece of string to see what length would be most suitable.


Keeping you and your dog visible while you run is another thing to consider. Even if you don’t anticipate running at night, making sure that motorists and other pedestrians can see you clearly is basic safety.

While many hands-free leashes are brightly colored, it’s worth looking for versions with reflective strips or LED lights as well if you intend to run in low light.

Running leash for dogs our top choices

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This Tuff Mutt hands-free weather-resistant bungee leash is a durable and comfortable option. The bungee absorbs sudden lunges, and the leash has two handles that give you more control over your dog.

We like the fact that the belt and lead are separate but attach via a sturdy clip. This enables the leash to move freely around the belt, preventing it from getting tangled.

The leash is forty-eight inches long, providing plenty of running room but without excess. What’s more, all seven colors come with reflective stitching making you visible even in low light.


  • The easy-glide belt is a real plus as it means the lead can swing around your waist and doesn’t get caught.
  • The additional grab handle is also a useful feature and gives you more control over your dog.
  • You can separate the leash and belt, giving you more flexibility if running over rough terrain.


  • It does not last long if your dog constantly pulls. Both the elastic and material give out.
  • The belt easily loosens, which is a pain if you are in the long run as it needs adjusting regularly.
  • The leash is quite heavy, so it adds weight to both you and your dog’s run

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You can choose from two lengths of bungee on this hands-free dog leash from Mighty Paws- thirty-six-inch and forty-eight-inch versions. What’s more, the bungee has sixteen inches of spring, offering plenty of stretch when you need it most.

The Mighty Paw running leash is designed to be lightweight and durable, weather-resistant nylon with reflective stitching to keep you visible in low light.

The belt fits waists up to forty-two inches and is designed to be lightweight. There are two D rings on the belt, one metal for the leash and the other plastic, which is useful to carry poop bags.


  • The bungee section is heavy-duty and strong, which is perfect for large dogs that pull.
  • Well-made with durable materials
  • The D ring on the leash is useful to hold filled poop bags


  • If you have a small dog that pulls, the bungee section is ineffectual as it’s so strong your dog won’t be able to make use of it.
  • Although the reflective stitching is good, the leash itself is a dull grey or black, making it hard to see as the light gets low.
  • The waist belt slips, which is annoying as it needs to be readjusted to keep it tight

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This hands-free dog leash from SparklyPets has a great feature in that there are two D rings for the leash to attach to, one on either side of the belt opening. So, if the belt comes undone accidentally, you won’t lose your dog or the belt. We like it particularly for large dogs and strong pullers as it gives you extra security.

The belt is heavy-duty nylon and has a grab handle below the bungee section, which gives you more control when you need it. What’s more, the leash can also be taken off the belt and converted into a hands-on leash with a rubber handle when you’re switching to dog walks.

The waistband also has a good range of adjustability. Starting at twenty- eight inches and going up to forty-seven inches. The reflective stitching keeps you visible in traffic, and if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a storage bag for when it’s not in use.


  • The double D rings are an excellent safety feature, particularly for strong dogs.
  • The belt stays put once it’s adjusted, which means you can focus on your run rather than constantly having to readjust it.
  • The storage bag is a nice touch and keeps everything tidy when not in use


  • The two clasps on either end of the leash are weak. If your dog pulls heavily, it won’t hold up for long.
  • The handles are awkward and difficult to get open in a hurry
  • Although the two D rings provide extra security, it does limit where your dog can walk or run

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If you like to take your music out on your run, then this Handsfree dog leash from Paw Lifestyles is perfect. It has dual expandable pouches to hold all your essentials, including space for a phone.

The leash has dual handles giving you greater control over your dog. And there’s reflective stitching for low light level visibility. The belt had two D rings, which means you can clip your dog leash to one and use the other for a pet accessory like poop bags.

The waist belt itself has good adjustability and will fit up to forty-eight inches, and the whole product is weather-resistant nylon making it strong and durable.


  • The pockets are a great addition and useful for lightweight items
  • The bungee portion has a good range of motion – forty-eight inches to an impressive seventy inches
  • Two D rings mean you can walk two dogs at once or use the additional ring for pet accessories like poop bags.


  • The zippers on the dual pouches are not durable
  • If you have a large phone, it’s unlikely to fit in the pouches
  • The belt comes loose when running, meaning lots of adjustments on long workouts

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This six-in-one hands-free dog leash from Kurgo offers unrivaled versatility. You can convert this one leash into six different styles by adjusting a single carabiner;

  • Around the waist
  • Courier style, over the shoulder
  • Double dog leash for two dogs
  • Standard six-foot leash
  • Three-foot training leash
  • A handy tether

The leash also features a floating padded handle which gives you great control, and it comes in six bright, reflective colors to keep you visible.


  • The versatile system means you can use it for town or trail without the need to switch leashes.
  • The carabiner makes adjusting the leash simple.
  • The padded handle provides additional comfort when walking your dog ‘hands-on.’


  • This leash doesn’t have a bungee section, so if your dog suddenly pulls, there’s no cushioning to protect you.
  • The carabiner can unclip itself as it cannot be locked in place
  • The padding that is meant to cushion your back when used as a handsfree belt and becomes part of the handle when used as a hands-on lead does not stay in place

Running leash for dogs, conclusion

A hands-free dog leash is a worthwhile investment for any runner. Not only do they save your hands and shoulders from injury, but they also allow you to run in a much more natural style.

Also, in contrast to standard dog leashes, your dog won’t experience that uncomfortable jerk every time you pump your arms and will have more freedom to run. We really like the No products found. for overall performance and simplicity.

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