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The Practical Paw Team: Theo, Kim and Michael

Hello and a big welcome to Practical Paw. Thanks for stopping by.

This site aims to give you practical advice on living your life with a dog. We try to answer some of the most common questions asked by dog owners and pet parents everywhere.

​Don’t be overwhelmed by all the different advice you read.

Here, at Practical Paw, we work hard to research and road-test all the health, behaviour and training techniques out there and give you just the stuff that actually works!

It is our goal to make Practical Paw the perfect place to start for anyone looking to keep their dog happy and healthy, for recipes and breed research and to simply enjoy the family’s time with a dog in the house.​

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Common Dog Myths & Misconceptions

#1 You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

You certainly can! Admittedly older dogs may experience reduced vision and hearing (just like humans), but with encouragement and patience, old behaviours can be changed. This includes instinctual habits such as digging a hole. Overall, we’re pleased to report that whether or not the dog or the owner is elderly, there is definitely still a lot of fun to be had.

#2 A Dog With a Dry Nose is Sick

The weather and the temperature is important to check here. It isn’t necessarily true to say that a dry nose means the dog is unwell. Although, it’s sensible to check if you’re worried, and make sure they have access to water. Read our guide to find out why dogs’ noses are wet.

#3 Dogs Only Wag Their Tails When They’re Happy

It depends on the dog and the situation. If you’re not familiar with dogs, then speak with a trainer. Some dogs’ tails lie flat and others (like huskies) curl over. Pay attention to all their body language. A fast wagging tail can mean excitement and a slow wag can indicate fear, nerves and even a warning of aggression. Why not check out our guide to the tell-tale signs of a happy dog?

#4 You Calculate a Dog’s Age by Multiplying Human Years Times Seven

This old chestnut has been debunked, check out our chart on the relative ages and stages of a dog’s life.

#5 Dogs Can Eat Anything

Don’t fall for those big eyes! Your dog may tell you that they can eat apples, scraps from the table and all manner of unsavoury things. Grass, Bananas, Tomatoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Why You Should Follow Practical Paw

We understand that the reality of getting a dog and looking after them can be different from what you expect. Each dog is different and with love, patience and the right guidance you can both enjoy the best of each other.

You need to be aware of the Animal Welfare Acts. Every pet owner has a duty of care to meet their pet’s needs. There are five welfare needs you need to be aware of:

    • Environment – give them a safe, suitable place to live
    • Diet – feed them the right type and amount of food
    • Behaviour – allow them to show normal behaviour patterns
    • Companionship – some pets like to live alone whilst others need the company of other pets
    • Health – keep your pets in good health and seek vet advice if they’re ill or injured

We believe in positive reinforcement, kindness and respect to our animals. It is our aim to promote the well-being and best practice for dog lovers for all aspects of being a responsible dog owner.

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 Why We Are Different

It’s true that there is a lot of information out there. It’s also true to say that it’s hard to navigate and make sense of. We’ve been there, standing in a freezing field with a handful of cheese hoping your dog comes back on command (and not investigate the sheep). We’ve been to the Emergency Vet and navigated the tricky social situations. It’s our goal to provide you with practical guides and resources to help you get the most out of your relationship with your dog. At Practical Paw, we will:

  • Give Guides for Real Life – you’re not scientists but you are busy parents and employees. We will simplify the key facts for you.
  • Actionable Advice – As dog lovers ourselves, we make sure the information is clear, concise and gets results.
  • Based on Positive Reinforcement Methods – You have the best dog in the world for you. If that sounds too spiritual, try this – Man’s Best Friend deserves the best. We firmly believe that patience and love are the foundation for the relationship with your dog.

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